Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation—Mark 14: 38.


What may be the character of the temptations, we may not clearly discern until they are upon us; for if we knew all about them in advance, they would be but slight temptations. Watch, therefore, and pray always; for the only safe way is to be prepared; because your adversary, the devil, is seeking whom he may devour. He knows your weak points, and is ready to take advantage of them. We shall each need the graces of the Spirit in our hearts, as well as the Lord's "grace to help in time of need," if we would overcome.


My soul, be on thy guard,

Ten thousand foes arise,

The hosts of sin are pressing hard

To draw thee from the prize.


*          *          *


As long as we are in the flesh, temptations beset us on all sides. These will be powerless to allure us, if we heed the admonition, "watch and pray." Scrutinizing our dispositions, thoughts, motives, words, doings, surroundings and the influences operating upon us, in the light of the Word, will manifest the real nature of these suggestions; and heartfelt reliance on the power of God to deliver us, expressed in petitions for help in the name of Christ, will secure grace whereby a way of escape will be found.


Parallel passages: Ex. 23: 13; 34: 12; Deut. 4: 9; Psa. 119: 9; Prov. 4: 23-26; Matt. 26: 38-46; Acts 20: 28-30; 1Cor. 16: 13; Eph. 6: 18; Matt. 6: 5-13; 7: 7, 8; Luke 11: 11-13; 18: 1; Phil. 4: 6; 1Tim. 2: 8; Heb. 4: 16.


Questions: What have my experiences this week been along the lines of the text? What helped or hindered me therein? What were the results?




BEING perplexed, I say,

Lord, make it right!

Night is as day to Thee,

Darkness is light.

I am afraid to touch

Things that involve so much.

My trembling hand may shake,

Mine unskilled hand may break;

 Thine can make no mistake.


Being in doubt, I say,

Lord, make it plain!

Which is the true, safe way,

Which would be vain?

I am not wise to know,

Nor sure of foot to go;

My poor eyes cannot see

What is so clear to Thee—

Lord, make it clear to me.


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