He hath poured out his soul unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors—Isa. 53: 12.


As everyone who follows the Master's footsteps must needs have some Gethsemane experiences, so also each must have a taste at least of all the Master's experiences. Let us not forget, then, to look about us for opportunities for serving the "brethren," the "little ones," the fellow disciples of Christ. Let each be careful not to add to the reproaches that must fall upon all the followers of the Lamb, but on the contrary to offer words of sympathy, and to help bear each other's crosses, difficulties and trials by the way. Thus can we best show to our Lord and Head how we would have appreciated the opportunity of helping Him bear His cross on the way to Calvary.


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Our Lord's death was not a seeming death. His death was actual. His very being was surrendered in death. The process by which it was done was a slow, lingering one, covering a space of 3½ years, and working through physical exhaustion, mental sorrow and physical violence. So greatly did He love us that He went for parts of three days into the death state on our behalf; nor were His final hours passed amid ameliorating conditions. Though innocent of sin and crime, He was put to death as a sinner and criminal with sinners and criminals.


Parallel passages: Gen. 3: 15; Psa. 22: 1-21; 69: 21; Isa. 53; Dan. 9: 26; Zech. 12: 10; 13: 7; Matt. 27: 1-50; Mark 15: 1-37; Luke 23: 1-46; John 18: 28-19: 30.


Questions: What effect did Jesus' death have upon me this week? What were the circumstances and the results?




A LIVING Christ, of wondrous birth,

Who trod the dreary paths of earth,

Shedding abroad His holy light

Through the deep gloom of sin's dark night.


A dying Christ, whose precious blood

Seals the poor sinner's peace with God;

And fills the soul with fullest love,

Like to the joy prepared above.


A Christ ascended—all is done,

 A world redeemed, a victory won.

With angel hosts, a glorious throng,

We'll sing with joy salvation's song.


A living Christ our spirits need,

A loving Christ our souls to feed;

A dying Christ, our ransom He,

A risen Christ to set us free.


This, too, our need—a Christ within,

A life with God, afar from sin,

A Christ whose love our hearts shall fill,

And quite subdue our wayward will.


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