Without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him—Heb. 11: 6.


"According to thy faith be it unto thee," would seem to be the Lord's method of dealing with all who are His disciples, from first to last of their Christian walk and experience. Faith when He seems not to notice us; faith when things seem to be going prosperously with us in our spiritual affairs and in our temporal affairs; and faith equally strong when the currents and forces seem all to be against us. The victory that overcomes the world is the faith that in all conditions is able to look up to the Lord with absolute confidence in His goodness and faithfulness, and to realize that, according to His promise, eventually all things will work together for good to us because we are His people.



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Except love, nothing is more pleasing in the sight of God than faith. The Father, therefore, is pleased with those who exercise confidence in His character. Accordingly, those who distrust His character, impugning, as they thereby do, His  wisdom, justice, love and power, cannot but be displeasing and, therefore, unacceptable to Him, because "without faith it is impossible to please God." Therefore let us have faith in God.


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Questions: What were this week's experiences in line with this text? How were they met? What results did they bring?




IS it for me, dear Savior,

Thy glory and Thy rest?

For me, so poor and humble,

Oh! shall I thus be blest?


Is it for me to see Thee

In all Thy glorious grace,

And gaze in endless rapture

On Thy beloved face?


Is it for me to listen

 To Thy beloved voice,

And hear its sweetest music

Bid even me rejoice?


A thrill of solemn gladness

Hath hushed my very heart

To think that I may really

Behold Thee as Thou art;


Behold Thee in Thy beauty;

Behold Thee face to face;

Behold Thee in Thy glory

And rest in Thine embrace.


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