Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus—Phil. 2: 5.


To have the mind of Christ is indeed the one requirement of lawful striving—a mind which humbly and faithfully submits itself to the will of God as expressed in His great Plan of the Ages, and which devotes all energy to the accomplishment of His will, because of an intelligent appreciation of the ends He has in view. If so filled with the same mind that was in Christ Jesus, we, like Him, will desire to be as free as possible from entangling earthly affairs, and to have our time as free as possible for the Lord's service, and then to devote all energy, ability and effort to that service.


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The mind that was in Christ Jesus disposed Him to self-emptying of His prehuman nature and to self-sacrifice, even to the ignominious death of the cross, that He might glorify God. Such a disposition is surely the fitting attitude of everyone who loves God supremely. As supreme love for self leads to self-exaltation, so supreme love for God leads to self-humiliation, that He may be exalted; and as truly as one abases Himself under God's mighty hand, so truly will the Lord exalt him in due time.


Parallel passages: Isa. 53; Matt. 11: 29; 20: 26, 27; 23: 12; John 13: 14, 15; Rom. 15: 3; 2Cor. 8: 9; Phil. 2: 7, 8; 1Pet. 2: 21; Phil. 3: 7-9; Heb. 13: 13; Prov. 3: 34; 15: 33;  25: 6, 7; Isa. 57: 15; 66: 2; Jer. 45: 5; Luke 22: 24-27; Jas. 4: 6, 10; 1Pet. 5: 3, 5, 6.


Questions: Have I this week abased myself for the Lord's sake? How? Under what circumstances? With what results?




JUST to let Thy Father do what He will;

Just to know that He is true, and be still.

Just to follow, hour by hour, as He leadeth;

Just to draw the moment's power, as it needeth.

Just to trust Him, this is all. Then the day will

surely be

Peaceful, whatso'er befall, bright and blessed, calm and free.


Just to let Him speak to thee, through His Word,

Watching, that His voice may be clearly heard.

Just to tell Him everything, as it rises,

 And at once to bring to Him all surprises.

Just to listen, and to stay where you cannot miss His


This is all! and thus today, you, communing, shall



Just to trust, and yet to ask guidance still;

Take the training or the task, as He will.

Just to take the loss or gain, as He sends it;

Just to take the joy or pain as He lends it.

He who formed thee for His praise will not miss the

gracious aim;

So today, and all thy days, shall be moulded for

the same.


Just to leave in His dear hand little things;

All we cannot understand, all the stings.

Just to let Him take the care sorely pressing;

Finding all we let Him bear changed to blessing.

This is all! and yet the way marked by Him who

loves thee best:

Secret of a happy day, secret of His promised rest.


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