Let us walk honestly, as in the day—Rom. 13: 13.


Each one should see to it that he is honest, not only in matters of dollars and cents, but honest in his treatment of his neighbors, in his treatment of the brethren, and above all, honest in his confessions respecting his God and his faith. The test is being made along this line, and those who love the favor of men rather than the favor of God, and who dishonestly are willing to confess and profess a lie, will be given up to their lie, will be permitted to blight their eternal interests,  will be proving themselves unfit for the Kingdom—whatever else they may ultimately become fit for.


*          *          *


God's people should live aboveboard. Their conduct should be a living expression and illustration of justice. With uprightness of heart should they give to all their dues. So should their conduct be, that at any time, and at all times, if seen by others, it should cause them no shame. They should walk honestly, as in the Millennial day, and as though seen by God and by all men.


Parallel passages: Phil. 4: 8; Col. 1: 12, 13; Cant. 2: 7, 17; 1Cor. 13: 12; Rev. 22: 5; 1Pet. 2: 12; 2Pet. 3: 11, 12; 2Cor. 6: 7; Eph. 6: 13-18; 1Pet. 4: 7, 8; 1Thes. 5: 4-8; John 9: 4.


Questions: Have I this week walked as though in the Kingdom? Under what circumstances? What was helpful or hindersome therein? What resulted therefrom?




MY Lord, Thy will not mine be done:

Whatever path Thy love shall choose for me,

Through desert sands, or if beside the sea,—

Thy will be done!


Oh, may Thy will in me be done:

Should "harvest" labor be for me Thy will,

Or if I may but suffer and be still,—

Thy will be done!


My Father, let Thy will be done:

If sweet the cup Thou pourest for me to drink,

I'll praise Thee, but if bitter, I'll not shrink,—

Thy will be done!



Forever may Thy will be done:

I would not choose, I leave it all with Thee,—

The pilgrimage, if short or long it be,—

Thy will be done!


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