Cleanse thou me from secret faults. Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me. … Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength and my redeemer—Psa. 19: 12-14.


It would appear that every intelligent Christian would continually pray this inspired prayer, for cleansing from secret faults, that he might thus be restrained from presumptuous sins; and thus praying heartily, he would also watch against these beginnings of sin and keep his heart in a cleansed and pure condition, by going continually to the fountain of grace for help in every time of need. He who seeks to live a life of holiness and nearness to the Lord by merely guarding against outward or presumptuous sins, and who neglects the beginnings of sin in the secrets of his own mind, is attempting a right thing in a very foolish and unreasonable way.


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All of us have secret faults, which have come to us mainly by heredity, though associates, surroundings and training have measurably increased them. These defile us; hence the desirability of our prayer for cleansing from them. The Father reveals them to us, and thus enlists our co-operation in purging them away. Especially dangerous are presumptuous sins. Well may we pray that the Lord keep us back from them and prevent their gaining control over us. We will be enabled to gain victory over these, if the meditations of our hearts and the words of our lips are acceptable unto God, our Strength and Redeemer.


Parallel passages: Job 13: 23; Psa. 24: 3-5; 26: 1, 2; 51: 10; 139: 23, 24; Ezek. 36:  25, 26; 1John 1: 7, 9; 3: 3; Heb. 6: 4-9; 10: 26-31; 1John 5: 16; 2Pet. 2: 1-20; Jude 4-25.


Questions: How has the Father cleansed me this week? What were the circumstances, agents and effects?




1 Peter 5: 7.


HOW strong and sweet my Father's care!

The words, like music in the air,

Come answering to my whispered prayer—

He cares for thee.


The thought great wonder with it brings—

 My cares are all such little things;

But to this truth my glad faith clings,

He cares for me.


Yea, keep me ever in Thy love,

Dear Father, watching from above,

And let me still Thy mercy prove,

And care for me.


Cast me not off because of sin,

But make me pure and true within,

And teach me how Thy smile to win,

Who cares for me.


O still, in summer's golden glow,

Or wintry storms of wind and snow,

Love me, my Father: let me know

Thy care for me.


And I will learn to cast the care

Which like a heavy load I bear

Down at Thy feet in lowly prayer,

And trust in Thee.


For naught can hurt me, shade or shine,

Nor evil thing touch me, nor mine,

Since Thou with tenderness Divine

Dost care for me.


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