We are ambassadors for Christ—2 Cor. 5: 20.


If we as Christians could keep this thought always prominent before our minds, what a dignity it would add to our character! what a transforming power it would be! what an assistance to the new nature in its battle with the low and groveling tendencies of the old nature now disowned by us and reckoned dead! "Our citizenship is in heaven," says the Apostle. While still living in the world, we are not of it but have transferred our allegiance and citizenship to the Kingdom. … And now, as appointees of our Kingdom, while still living in the world among aliens and strangers, we as representatives and ambassadors should feel both the dignity and the honor of the position and the weighty responsibilities and ever keep in memory the Apostle's words, "Whatsoever ye do in word or deed do all in the name of the Lord Jesus".


*          *          *


God is the rightful King of the earth, though its scepter now by usurpation is in the hands of Satan. God has selected His people to be His ambassadors, acting as Christ's mouthpieces. As such we are demanding of Satan the release of God's people, present and prospective, as well as are preparing for their release. We likewise are announcing to others the transfer of the kingdom from Satan to Christ. Such an office is for its incumbents a high honor, and requires that we act with such tact, nobility and grace as befits our office, and thus commend our cause to all right-minded persons. If earthly ambassadors so act as to honor their countries, much more ought we so to do.


Parallel passages: Job 33: 23; Mal. 2: 6, 7; 2Cor. 3: 6, 9; 6: 1; Eph. 6: 20; 1Sam. 2:

35; 12: 8; Ezra 7: 10; Isa. 52: 1-12; Jer. 20: 9; Ezek. 34; Matt. 10: 16-24; 20: 25-28; 24:

8-11; John 10: 1-15; Acts 20: 22-24; Rom. 2: 21-23; 1Cor. 2: 2.


Questions: Have I been an ambassador for Christ this week? How? Why? Under what circumstances? What was helpful or hindersome? What were the results?





Beneath the pressure of life's cares today,

I joy in these;

But I can say

That I would rather walk this rugged way,

If Him it please.


I cannot feel

 That all is well when dark'ning clouds conceal

The shining sun;

But then I know

God lives and loves; and say, since it is so,

"Thy will be done."


I cannot speak

In happy tones; the tear-drops on my cheek

Show I am sad;

But I can speak

Of grace to suffer with submission meek,

Until made glad.


I do not see

Why God should e'en permit some things to be,

When He is love;

But I can see,

Though often dimly, through the mystery,

His hand above.


I may not try

To keep the hot tears back; but hush that sigh,

"It might have been;"

And try to still

Each rising murmur, and to God's sweet will



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