Love … is kind—1 Cor. 13: 4.


It is no more obligatory upon the Lord's people to denounce every wrongdoer whom they may meet in the street than it is for them to tell all homely persons they may see of their lack along the lines of beauty. … Politeness is always a part of Christian character. In the world it may be polish, but in the Christian it is not merely a veneer; rather, it represents the true sentiments of the heart, developed along the lines of the spirit of life, love. Love leads to gentleness, patience, kindness, etc., and even in the case of disobedience it will hesitate to utter an unkind word and will avoid the same so far as duty will permit.


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The word translated love here means disinterested good will in distinction from duty good will. It is the good will which, apart from obligation, but based upon a delight in good principles, delights in giving appreciation, heart's oneness, sympathy or pity, and sacrifice. Appreciating good in principle and character, it delights to advance good in principle and character; sympathizing with or pitying those who are treated contrary to, or who are out of harmony with, good principles, it delights to help them out of these conditions. It is therefore on the alert to plan and do acts of kindness for the blessing of others. It perseveres in this course, sacrificing even unto death in ministering blessings to others. It is kind.


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Questions: Has this week been filled with kindness? What were the circumstances, forms, motives and effects?




LOVING words will cost but little,

Journeying up the hill of life;

But they make the weak and weary

Stronger, braver for the strife.

Do you count them only trifles?

What to earth are sun and rain?

Never was a kind word wasted,

Never was one said in vain.


When the cares of life are many,

 And its burdens heavy grow

For the ones who walk beside you,

If you love them, tell them so.

What you count of little value

Hath an almost magic power,

And beneath that cheering sunshine

Hearts will blossom like a flower.


So, as up life's hill we journey,

Let us scatter all the way

Kindly words, to be as sunshine

In the dark and cloudy day.

Grudge no loving word, my brother,

As along through life you go,

To the ones who journey with you;

If you love them, tell them so.


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