Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven—Matt. 5: 16.


Not only shall it be true that the Lord's Anointed One shall be head  and shoulders above all others, "the chiefest among ten thousand, the one altogether lovely," but it should also be true to a considerable extent that all those who have been intimately associated with the members of the Body of Christ in the present life—before He is proclaimed King of the whole world—should have been able to recognize the largeness and grandeur of character in those whom the Lord has chosen for this place of honor in the affairs of men. They should have been able to take knowledge of them that they had been with Jesus, should have seen their largeness of heart, their moral heights should have discerned in them the spirit of a sound mind.


*          *          *


Our light is the Truth and its resultant Spirit and acts. To let them shine before men would mean to bring these to the attention of others as instruction by precept and example. Our motive therein should not be to make ourselves shine in others' estimation; but rather that thereby credit may be reflected upon the Lord, who is the Author of all our good. With great carefulness should we seek to keep our own selves in oblivion; and with greater carefulness should we endeavor to cause the Lord's glory to shine before and upon others through our teachings, spirit and acts. Thus we will accomplish the purpose of our call.


Parallel passages: Prov. 4: 18, 19; Isa. 58: 8-10; 60: 1-3; Rom. 13: 11-14; Eph. 5: 8;  1Thes. 2: 12; 5: 5-8; 1John 1: 5-7; 1Pet. 2: 12; John 15: 8; 1Cor. 14: 25.


Questions: What have been the week's experiences in line with this text? How were they met? In what did they result?




IF while I walk the busy mart,

I find there one whose fainting heart

By some kind, sympathetic word

To new life might be stirred,

Lord, help me say it now!


Or, if upon the thorny road

I meet another 'neath a load

Of sorrow, which my tears might share,

 And thus the burden bear,

Lord, help me shed them now!


If any ointment, rare and sweet,

I long to pour upon "His feet,"

To rest and soothe them by the way,

My hand let nothing stay,

Lord, help me bring it now!


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