If therefore the light that is in thee be[come] darkness, how great is that darkness!—Matt. 6: 23.


The "harvest" is a time for winnowing the "wheat"—a sifting, a separating time, and it is for each of us to prove our characters: "Having done all, stand!" The tests of this "harvest" must be like those of the Jewish or typical "harvest." One of them is the cross, another is the presence of Christ, another is humility, another is love. The Jews were reproved because they "knew not the time of their visitation." The matter is doubly distressing for those who have once seen the light of Present Truth, and afterward go into the "outer darkness." It implies unfaithfulness.


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The light in us is the holy Spirit. It is possible for it to become darkness. This occurs when the mind gives up the Truth, and the heart, the Spirit of the Truth. Such an effect can occur only when, losing wisdom, power, justice and love, the heart learns to love sin, error, selfishness and worldliness. Such an one cannot be renewed unto repentance. The darkness in him is great and unending. With what watchfulness, prayer and activity we should guard ourselves against such an outcome! Better never to have begun than end our Christian career in this manner.


Parallel passages: Luke 11: 34-36; Psa. 119: 105; Prov. 6: 23; Isa. 8: 20; 58: 8; Matt. 4: 16; 5: 16; Luke 16: 8; John 1: 4-9; 3: 19-21; 12: 35, 36; Acts 26: 18; Eph. 5: 14; 1Thes. 5: 5; 1Pet. 2: 9; Matt. 8: 12; John 11: 9, 10; 1John 2: 8-11.


Questions: What were this week's experiences with Light and Darkness? How were they met? In what did they result?




HOW are the mighty fallen!

Those who once stood so strong,

Defending the Truth and their brethren

Through battles severe and long!


Their lives they counted not precious;

No price was too great to pay—

Led by "that faithful Servant,"

They fought in the thick of the fray.


How are the mighty fallen!

 Those leaders we learned to love—

Alas! They turned and as traitors

Deserted the Truth from above.


Oh, words too sad to utter!

Oh, hearts too broken to weep!

God's grace 'neath their feet lies trampled;

Deserted, His cause and His sheep!


Oh, how are the mighty fallen!

Though feigning God's friends still to be,

They led His sheep into error

In subtle hypocrisy!


Our heads we'll not uncover,

Nor mourn for those who have sold

Their Lord and their brethren for power—

As Judas in days of old.


Alas! How the mighty are fallen!

Lord, who will be able to stand?

Oh, that I may be found worthy

To receive a "Well done" at thy hand!


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