How long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal, follow him—1 Kings 18: 21.


We need to have some touchstone, as it were, some matter which will help us to decide, which will enable the mind to reach a decision quickly. This touchstone should be God's will, so that to perceive the Lord's will in respect to any question would be to settle it—as quickly as discerned. … Ability to decide quickly, and to decide always on the right side, what the Lord's will is, requires some experience and discipline; but the sooner we begin the sooner we shall become proficient. The more energetically we set ourselves to know the Lord's will and to do it, and to show Him by our promptness that we delight to do His will, the better and the more quickly shall we find our characters established on proper lines.


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To serve Jehovah implies deadness to self and the world and aliveness to God. He serves God who, refusing to obey the flesh and the world, obeys God. By Baal, primarily Satan as the god of this world is meant. To serve Baal implies aliveness to self, the world and the Adversary. More particularly those serve Baal, who, whether knowingly or unknowingly, imitate Satan by grasping for power, or who support others in their grasping for power. Leaders among God's people are Satan's especial targets for temptation along this line; and some of such leaders among them have more or less yielded to this temptation. The special trial of this, the Epiphany period of our Lord's Second Advent, is along this line. Promptly let us herein act.


Parallel passages: Ex. 22: 29; Matt. 6: 24; 8: 21, 22; 19: 16-22; Luke 9: 61, 62; Acts 24: 25; Josh. 24: 15; Isa. 50: 7; 1Cor. 15: 58; 2Pet. 1: 10.


Questions: What were this week's experiences that called for a decision? How were they met? What effects did they work?




JESUS only! In the shadow

Of the cloud so chill and dim,

We are clinging, loving, trusting,

He with us and we with Him;

All unseen, though ever nigh,

Jesus only—all our cry.


Jesus only! In the glory,

When the shadows all are flown,

 Seeing Him in all His beauty,

Satisfied with Him alone;

May we join His ransomed throng,

Jesus only—all our song!


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