Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth—2 Tim. 2: 15.


There is much significance in that word "study"; and only the studious find the narrow way to the Divine approval and acceptance. Study to show thyself approved—study the doctrine; study your course of conduct, to keep it in harmony with the doctrine. Study how to promote the peace and prosperity of Zion, and how to shield yourself and others from the missiles of error and from the poison of an evil, worldly spirit. Study to perform the duties of a faithful soldier of the cross—the seemingly insignificant, as well as the bravest and noblest deeds.


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God's children, especially those who are teachers, should not accept with blank, unquestioning minds any opinions offered them. They are to study and test them as to their harmony or disharmony with themselves, Bible passages and doctrines, God's character and Christ's Ransom, facts and the designs of the Bible Godward, Christward, Churchward and Worldward. Only such things as are proven to be in harmony with these seven things, should the Lord's people accept. Such study, testing, is necessary, if we would be workmen approved unto God, and will result in our never having to hang our heads with the shame of defeat and controversy with gainsayers, and will enable us more and more rightly to distinguish one feature of the Word from another, giving us clear and correct views of the separate doctrines, precepts, promises, exhortations, prophecies, histories and types of the Bible, and giving us ability to use them.


Parallel passages: Josh. 1: 8; 2Chron. 29: 11; Isa. 40: 9; 52: 11; 57; 14; Jer. 1: 7, 8, 17-19; Ezek. 2: 6-8; 3: 8-10, 17-21, 27; Matt. 7: 6; 10: 7, 11-13, 16, 25, 27, 28; 20: 25-28; 28: 19, 20; John 21: 15-19; Acts 20: 28; Rom. 12: 6-8; 1Cor. 4: 1, 2; 9: 16, 17; 2Cor.  1: 24; 4: 1, 2, 5; 1Tim. 1: 3, 4, 11, 18, 19; 4: 6, 7, 12-16; 2Tim. 4: 2, 5.


Questions: Have I this week served the Truth? How? Why? Under what circumstances? What helped or hindered? With what results?




GREAT truths are dearly bought. The common truth,

Such as men give and take from day to day,

Comes in the common walk of easy life,

Blown by the careless wind across our way.


Great truths are dearly won; not found by chance,

 Nor wafted on the breath of summer dream;

But grasped in the great struggle of the soul,

Hard buffeting with adverse wind and stream.


Sometimes, 'mid conflict, turmoil, fear and grief,

When the strong hand of God, put forth in might,

Ploughs up the subsoil of the stagnant heart,

It brings some buried truth-seeds to the light.


Not in the general mart, 'mid corn and wine;

Not in the merchandise of gold and gems;

Not in the world's gay hall of midnight mirth,

Nor 'mid the blaze of regal diadems;


Not in the general clash of human creeds,

Nor in the merchandise 'twixt church and world,

Is truth's fair treasure found, 'mongst tares and weeds;

Nor her fair banner in their midst unfurled.


Truth springs like harvest from the well-ploughed


Rewarding patient toil, and faith, and zeal.

To those thus seeking her, she ever yields

Her richest treasures for their lasting weal.


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