Who is worthy?—Rev. 5: 2.


Let us, dearly beloved, as we realize that thus far God has counted us worthy to look upon the scroll of His Plan which has been unsealed for us by our blessed Lord Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, prove our worthiness to continue to look therein and to read the wondrous things of His law, by  faithful  obedience and loyalty to it in all things. Let us not undervalue our great privilege in being counted worthy to have some part in the blessed ministry of reflecting the light of Divine Truth; let us prove ourselves jewels of rarest value, diamonds indeed, heartily receiving and beautifully transmitting to others the light of Truth, and faithfully enduring the severest pressure that God may permit to come upon us; for, if faithful in these small things we shall in due time be counted worthy also to be with Christ in power and great glory.


*          *          *


The question of our text is with reference to who was worthy to become the Interpreter and Executor of God's Plan. The strong angel that asked the question represented the Law Covenant, which found none during the Jewish Age worthy to become the Interpreter and Executor of God's Plan; and the God-fearing of that and of this Age grieved at the Law- proven sinfulness of the human family. But blessed be the grace of our God, who has found for us a fountain of Life through the Wisdom, Justice, Love and Power operating in and by Jesus Christ, the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world! The Strong One among the leaders of God's people has not only fulfilled every demand of Justice in keeping perfectly its every precept, and in meeting its sentence against Adam and his race, but also has fulfilled every suggestion of Love in fully meeting every occasion of sacrifice. He is worthy! Yes, He is altogether lovely!


Parallel passages: Rev. 5: 6, 9-14; Psa. 45: 2; Isa. 11: 5; 53: 9; Mic. 5: 4; Matt. 12: 41, 42; 27: 3, 4; Luke 3: 16; 23: 41; John 1: 14; 5: 30, 34, 41; 7: 18; Acts 13: 28; 1Cor. 1: 24; 2Cor. 4: 4; 5: 21; Col. 1: 19; 2Tim. 2: 13.


Questions: What has Christ been to me this week? How? With what results?




THE gently sighing of the wind among the pines,

The joyous singing of the lark at break of day,

The rippling of the water-brooks through cooling shade,

The patter of the softly falling rain at night,

Are sounds less sweet by far than His most precious name.


No art can show a form so gracious and so fair,

No master's hand hath drawn a smile so sweet,

Nor could depict the majesty of that pure brow;

No canvas ever glowed with such a holy light

As shines from His most radiant image in my heart.


The dearest earthly friend may fail in time of need,

The sweetest and the loveliest grow cold at heart,

The nearest may not heed the throbbing heart's sad cry,

The gayest throng may hold the loneliest solitude,

But Jesus, Jesus never fails my call to hear.


Oh, may the music of Thy name more clearly fall

Upon my ears attuned to catch that sweetest sound!

Oh, may Thine image in my heart so bright become

That I by gazing may be changed into the same;

Oh, blessed Jesus, let Thy presence ne'er depart,

Oh, come and reign forevermore within my heart!


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