He shall  drink  of the brook  in  the way: therefore shall  he lift  up  the head—Psa. 110: 7.


We want to ask the Lord, our Master and Head, that He will bless us more and more, as with fresh zeal we shall endeavor faithfully and rejoicingly to drink of the brook of life's experiences, and gain wisdom therefrom that will fit and prepare us for His service by and by; and which will the better fit and prepare us for His service also in the present time, and enable us by His grace to show forth His praises in all the trying circumstances and vicissitudes of life so as to glorify Him in our bodies and spirits which are His. Let us, as we drink of the brook, take a lesson from the little birds, which when drinking, repeatedly lift the head as  though giving thanks to God. Let us continually give thanks to our Lord for every taste of life's experience, for every lesson, for every trial, appropriating them all to our spiritual development.


*          *          *


The brook of this text represents the Word of God and life's experiences. The picture is that of a journey over a road along which the clear waters of a brook flow. From it the thirsty travelers may drink and quench their thirst. Our dear Redeemer found the brook of the Word flowing for His refreshment along His entire journey; and from it He drank and was refreshed. Like Him, let us, as we journey toward the Heavenly Zion, drink from this cooling, refreshing brook whenever in need of its reinvigoration.  Likewise  from the brook of life's experiences Jesus drank, learning new lessons, preparing Him for new experiences. Life's experiences will also teach us new lessons helpful for future experiences. Only the dullest pupils fail to learn from experience, the most thorough of teachers. Not being of this class, let us learn both from the Word of God and from the experiences of life the lessons which the Lord teaches us.


Parallel passages: Luke 22: 27; Acts 8: 32, 33; 2Cor. 8: 9; 10: 1; Phil. 2: 5-8; Isa. 50: 5, 6; Matt. 26: 51-54; Heb. 12: 2-14; Ezra 7: 10; Psa. 78: 2-8; 143: 8, 10; Prov. 23: 12.


Questions: What have I this week learned from the Word and from experience?  How?

With what results?




"FROM glory unto glory!" Thank God that even


The starry words are shining out, our heavenly way

to cheer!

From "glory that excelleth" all that human heart

 hath known,

Our "onward, upward," shall begin in the presence

of the throne.


"From glory unto glory" of loveliness and light,

Of music and of rapture, of power and of sight;

"From glory unto glory" of knowledge and of love

Shall be the joy of progress awaiting us above.


"From glory unto glory" that ever lies before,

Still wondering, adoring, rejoicing more and more;

Still following where He leadeth, from shining field

to field,

Himself the goal of glory, revealer and revealed!


Then let our hearts be surely fixed where truest joys

are found,

And let our burning, loving praise yet more and more


And gazing on the "things not seen," eternal in the


"From glory unto glory," O Savior, let us rise!


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