And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left—Isa. 30: 21.


If we have come to the forks of the road—to some crisis in our experience—and know not whether to turn to the right or to the left, we should stop at once and listen to the voice. Or, in other words, we should turn at once to the Word of the Lord, and by pondering its precepts and principles, and its illustrations bearing on the perplexing subject, seek to learn the will of the Lord, asking also the leading of His Spirit, and endeavoring to bring the mind into a loving, submissive and trustful attitude.


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The word behind us is the teachings of the Old and New Testament Scriptures. These teachings are applicable to every condition and experience of life; therefore to these marvelous teachings are we to look for instruction along life's pathway with the assurance that they will guide our steps aright in the ways of wisdom, justice, love and power.


Parallel passages: Luke 11: 28; 8: 21; Matt. 7: 21-29; Jas. 1: 21-27; Col. 2: 2; 3: 16; Heb. 1: 1, 2; Isa. 66: 4; Eph. 5: 26; 1Thes. 2: 13; 2Thes. 2: 14, 15; 2Tim. 3: 15-17; Heb. 2: 1-3; 4: 2, 12; 1Pet. 2: 2; 2Pet. 3: 1, 2; 1John 2: 14; Jude 17; Rev. 1: 3; Heb. 6: 4-6; 10: 26-29; 2Pet. 2: 20-22.


Questions: Have I this week followed the Word? Under what circumstances? With what results?




JUST to hear my dear Master say,

"This is My will for thee;"

Then to whisper the dark night through,

"This is His will for me."


Just to keep in the narrow way,

Painful how'er it be,

Just to follow Him day by day,—

All shall be well with me.


Just to joyfully bear the pain,

All that He sendeth me,

Just to suffer the scorn and shame,—

 Trust where I cannot see.


Just to hear, when the day seems long,

"This is My will for thee;"

Then shall my faith and love grow strong,

Knowing His will for me.


Oh, to hear, when the work is done,

"This is My will for thee,—

Faith and Patience and Love have won,—

Sit in My throne with Me!"


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