Through honour and dishonour, through evil report and good report: as deceivers, and yet true … giving no offence in anything, that the ministry be not blamed—2 Cor. 6: 8, 3.


While in the discharge of duty to the best of our ability, and when apparently we have the Lord's blessing and favor upon us and our affairs in  a  most marked degree, suddenly trouble may arise, adversity come, the powers of darkness seem to triumph, and for a moment we may be apparently culprits in the judgment of our fellow-men, and apparently forsaken by Divine providence. Such experiences, doubtless, are needful to us; for though we may sing:

"I would rather walk in the dark with God,

Than go alone in the light",

yet this might be but an empty boast unless we were put through the trying experiences which would develop such faith, trust, as would hold to the Lord's hand, and trust Divine providence in the darkest hour.


*          *          *


The Christian life is one of contrasted experiences, and amid these contrasted experiences the Christian must keep himself in the love of God and in the hatred of selfishness. No amount of love, honor or praise should sway him from loyalty to God, and no amount of dishonor, disrepute or false accusation should mar his heart and change him to a reprobate. Loyalty to righteousness under all circumstances is his slogan, which must finally triumph.


Parallel passages: Acts 20: 17-35; 24: 16; Rom. 12: 3-8; 1Cor. 2: 1-8; 3: 5-15; 4: 1-4, 9-16; 9: 12-23; 2Cor. 2: 12-17; 3: 1-12; 4; 5: 11-21; 6: 1-12; 1Tim. 5: 17; 2Tim. 2: 10; Heb. 13: 7.


Questions: Have I this week suffered for witnessing to the Truth? How did it occur?

How did I bear it? What were the results?




IN my mem'ry there's a picture,

In a frame of gold 'tis placed,

And the years that fast are fleeting

Not one line have yet effaced;

'Tis the likeness of "that Servant,"

And fond memories arise

Of his wise and faithful service

And the lovelight in his eyes!



I have seen the smoke-wrapped sunset

Sink into a sea of blood,

And mirages in the desert

'Neath the sun's resplendent flood;

From the mast watched livid lightning

Leap across the tropic skies,

But their gleam had not the splendor

Of the lovelight in his eyes!


Not the canopy of starlight,

With the moon appearing new,

Nor the twilight dim and distant,

Fading to the deeper blue,

Nor the summer's silver moonlight,

With its halo in the skies,

E'er could light the way of Heaven

Like the lovelight in his eyes!


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