Take my yoke upon you … for my yoke is easy, and my burden is light—Matt. 11: 29, 30.


Those who wear this yoke have the assurances of the Divine Word that all things are working together for good to them; that the heavier the burden that may be attached, the greater will be the blessing and the reward by and by; the more severe the experiences during the present time, the brighter shall be the glory, and the brighter shall be their character, and the more sure shall they be of being fitted and polished for the Kingdom. From this standpoint every burden is light, because our yoke is appreciated, and is so easy, so reasonable; and additionally it is so light, because the Lord is with us in this yoke.


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The yoke is our general acceptance of the Lord's will; the burden is the details the Lord wills us to do, even unto suffering for His will. In taking the yoke in the spirit of love, we find its weight is indeed light; and in drawing the burden of the details of the Lord's will, even unto suffering, by the assistance of the yoke of love, we find the burden is lightened. Love lightens every burden, eases every task, gladdens every sorrow, sanctifies every pain and surrounds with a halo of bliss even the smallest tasks and the most commonplace things.


Parallel passages: Matt. 16: 24; Mark 8: 34-38; Luke 9: 23, 24; 1John 5: 3; Lev. 26: 13; Isa. 9: 4; 10: 27; Jer. 2: 20; 5: 5; 30: 8; Lam. 3: 27; Prov. 23: 26; Rom. 6: 13, 16, 19; 12: 1; 2Cor. 8: 5.


Questions: How have I found Jesus' yoke and burden this week? Why? What were the results?




Matt. 11: 28, 30.


COME to Me, all ye that labor,

Come, and I will give you rest.

Come to Me, ye heavy laden,

Come, and lean upon My breast!


Take Mine easy yoke upon you,

For My burden, it is light,

And My heart is meek and lowly,

Ever pleasing in His sight.



Come to Me, ye broken-hearted,

Let Me all your sorrows bear,

Faithful be till life is ended,

Then My glory ye shall share.


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