Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unfaithful nothing is pure; but both their mind and conscience are defiled. They profess to have known God; but by their works they renounce him, being abominable and disobedient, and unto every good work worthless—Titus 1: 15, 16.


What a terrible condition this is, and how careful all of the Lord's people should be, not only to have pure hearts, pure minds, but also to keep their consciences very tender, in close accord with the Word of the Lord! This condition can only be maintained by judging ourselves, and that strictly and frequently, by the standard which God has given us, His law of love.


I want the first approach to feel

Of pride or fond desire;

To catch the wand'ring of my will,

And quench the kindling fire.


*          *          *


One's quality of heart attaches itself to everything he touches; to him it is either good or evil, as he is good or evil. They who are pure attach purity to that with which they come into contact, while the impure defile whatever they touch. This world of difference exists on account of the difference in their moral quality. If one who once belonged to God has become impure, he contaminates more than one who never was pure. His being is defiled.


Parallel passages: Matt. 15: 11; Luke 11: 39-41; Acts 10: 15, 28; Rom. 14: 14, 17, 20, 23; 1Cor. 6: 12; 10: 23-25; 1Tim. 5: 8; 2Tim. 3: 5; Heb. 6: 4-8; 10: 26-31; 2Pet. 2: 20­, 22; 1John 5: 16; Jude 11-13.


Questions: Have I this week kept myself back from presumptuous sins? What helped or hindered therein? What were the results?




THE wrath of God is love's severity

In curing sin—the zeal of righteousness

In overcoming wrong—the remedy

Of justice for the world's redress.


The wrath of God is punishment for sin,

In measure unto all transgression due,

 Discriminating well and just between

Presumptuous sins and sins of lighter hue.


The wrath of God inflicts no needless pain,

Merely vindictive, or Himself to please;

But aims the ends of mercy to attain,

Uproot the evil, and the good increase.


The wrath of God is a consuming fire,

That burns while there is evil to destroy

Or good to purify; nor can expire

Till all things are relieved from sin's alloy.


The wrath of God is love's parental rod,

The disobedient to chastise, subdue,

And bend submissive to the will of God,

That love may reign when all things are made new.


The wrath of God shall never strike in vain,

Nor cease to strike till sin shall be no more;

Till God His gracious purpose shall attain,

And earth to righteousness and peace restore.


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