I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye—Psa. 32: 8.


One of the most important lessons for the spiritual Israelite to learn is to look to the Lord for leading in all of life's affairs—never to attempt any undertaking, either temporal or spiritual, without seeking to note the will of the Lord concerning the same. … We are marching toward Canaan and know that other experiences are due us and must be undergone ere we are to inherit the promises. The lesson for us is prompt and thorough obedience to the Lord's leadings without murmurings—with joyfulness; and this can only be expected on the part of those who have learned the lessons previously given them, and above all the lesson of faith, confidence in the Lord's power and goodness and faithfulness.


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Our Heavenly Father trains His children in their course of life. Three means are used whereby He gives the instruction. The primary one is His Word, whereby He enlightens their minds and guides their hearts. The secondary one is His Spirit, whereby He energizes them in knowledge, grace and service. The tertiary one is His providences, amid which they are given the opportunities through the exercise of their various qualities of heart and mind to develop their characters by the power and along the lines of His Word. Thus His wisdom guides them in their conduct.


Parallel passages: Ex. 13: 21; 15: 13; 33: 13-15; Psa. 23: 2, 3; 25: 5, 8, 9; 27: 11; 31: 3; 48: 14; 73: 24; 78: 52; 107: 7; 139: 9, 10, 24; Prov. 8: 20; Isa. 40: 11; 42: 16; 48: 17; 54: 13; Luke 1: 79; John 10: 3, 4; 16: 13.


Questions: What were this week's experiences in line with this text? How were they met? What helps and hindrances accompanied them? How did they affect me?




LORD, when I strive to serve Thee most,

Yet toil in vain;

When I can see but labor lost,

Instead of gain;


When plans fall out another way

From what seems best,

And failure comes though I obey

Thy clear behest;


When hopes whereon I dare to lean

Thou dost deny;

When Thou forbiddest me to glean

The fields near by;


When fairest prospects, opening wide

Before mine eyes,

Thou wallest in on every side,

And mountains rise


That faith seems powerless to remove—

Then, dearest Lord,

Draw near to me, draw near and prove

Thy written Word!


That Thou in all things dost ordain

Thy children's good;

That joy shall be the fruit of pain,

When understood.


I know, and yet—O, slow of heart—

But half believe;

And when I fail, in secret smart,

And fret and grieve,


Fill me with faith's complete content

In Thee, O, lord,

And make me willing to be spent

Without reward—


Of earthly sort, but heavenly gain—

To seek alone

For other's good, by toil and pain,

Not for mine own.


And when my failures cast me down,

Make me to rest,

In glorious hope of victor's crown,

Forever blest.


I would not look at "things behind"

With wistful eye;

Nor seek in earthly things to find

A comfort nigh.


The weary sea-bird goes to sleep

 On tossing waves,

Untroubled by the storm, the deep,

In trust that saves.


It is the hollow of Thy hand

That shapes its nest;

So, though I may not understand,

Make me to rest.


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