Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law— Rom. 13: 10.


He who finds his heart not in harmony with this law of the New Covenant, love— mercy, kindness, gentleness, goodness—lacks the evidence or proof that he is in any sense of the word accepted as a son of God and a follower of Christ. If we have not love in our hearts for the brethren, and the love of gentleness and benevolence toward all men, and even toward the brute creation, we have not the spirit which will carry us through in making the sacrifices necessary under present conditions. It will only be a question of time with such when the power of pride or vainglory, holding them in the way of sacrifice, will snap asunder, and selfishness take full control.


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We are not to look at God's law as consisting of isolated and unconnected streams, but as a great fountain, love, out of which all the streams of the Divine precepts flow. From this standpoint we can understand, since God's law is love, how breaking one of its precepts violates the whole law, as we can also see how a life of love is the fulfilment of the law.


Parallel passages: Rom. 13: 8, 9; Matt. 7: 12; 22: 38-40; Ex. 20: 16; 23: 4, 5; Deut. 22: 1-4;  Psa. 15: 1-3; Prov. 3: 28, 29; Jer. 22: 13; Isa. 58: 6-14; Zech. 8: 16, 17; Luke 10:  25­, 37; Rom. 15: 2; Gal. 6: 10; Heb. 13: 3; Jas. 2: 8.


Questions: Have I this week exercised love? How? Why? In what conditions? What helped or hindered? With what results?




LORD, let me talk with Thee of all I do,

All that I care for, all that I wish for, too;

Lord, let me prove Thy sympathy, Thy power,

Thy loving oversight from hour to hour!

When I need counsel, let me ask of Thee:

Whatever my perplexity may be,

It cannot be too trivial to bring

To One who marks the sparrow's drooping wing;

Nor too terrestrial since Thou has said

The very hairs are numbered on our head.

'Tis through such loop-holes that the foe takes aim,

And sparks, unheeded, burst into a flame.

 Do money troubles press? Thou canst resolve

The doubts and dangers such concerns involve.

Are those I love the cause of anxious care?

Thou canst unbind the burdens they may bear.

Before the mysteries of Thy Word or will,

Thy voice can gently bid my heart be still,

Since all that now is hard to understand

Shall be unraveled in yon heavenly land.

Or do I mourn the oft-besetting sin,

The tempter's wiles, that mar the peace within?

Present Thyself, Lord, as the absolving priest,

To whom confessing, I go forth released.

Do weakness, weariness, disease, invade

This earthly house, which Thou Thyself hast made?

Thou only, Lord, canst touch the hidden spring

Of mischief, and attune the jarring string.

Would I be taught what Thou wouldst have me give,

The needs of those less favored to relieve?

Thou canst so guide my hand that I shall be

A liberal, "cheerful giver," Lord, like Thee.

Of my life's mission, do I stand in doubt?

Thou knowest and canst clearly point it out.

Whither I go, do Thou Thyself decide,

And choose the friends and servants by my side.

The books I read, I would submit to Thee,

Let them refresh, instruct and solace me.

I would converse with Thee from day to day,

With heart intent on what Thou hast to say;

And through my pilgrim walk, whate'er befall,

Consult with Thee, O Lord, about it all.

Since Thou art willing thus to condescend

To be mine intimate, familiar friend,

Oh, let me to the great occasion rise,

And count Thy friendship life's most glorious prize.


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