O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?—Matt. 14: 31.


What must be done to overcome this lack of faith, and to have an increase of faith? We answer that, like the Apostles of old, we should pray, "Lord, increase our faith." And then, acting in harmony with this prayer, each should cultivate faith in his own heart: (a) by refreshing his memory continually with the Divine promises, becoming very familiar with these in the Father's Word and (b) by seeking more and more to remember that, having made his covenant with the Lord, these promises are his, and in his heart and with his lips he should claim them as his before the Lord in prayer with thanksgiving. He should claim them in his own thoughts, and in his conferences on holy things with the brethren.


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One of the strangest phenomena to solve is a doubting Christian. With a God of perfect wisdom, justice, love and power pledging Himself under oath to make all things work together for his good, with a Savior made unto him wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and deliverance, supplying all lacks, ridding him of all faults, perfecting in him all good, and with the Spirit making him a candidate for the Kingdom, furnished with everything for its attainment, why should he doubt?


Parallel passages: Job 30: 20; Psa. 22: 2; 31: 22; 42: 5, 6; 49: 5; 73: 13-17; 77: 3, 7-9; Prov. 24: 10; Isa. 40: 27, 28; 49: 14, 15; Jer. 8: 18; 15: 18; 45: 3; Lam. 3: 8, 17, 18; 5: 20; Matt. 8: 23-27; 14: 29-31; 17: 14-21; 28: 17; Mark 4: 38-40; Gen. 12: 12, 13; Ex. 14: 10,­ 15.


Questions: Did I this week exercise faith or doubt? Under what circumstances? With what results?




O THOU of little faith, why dost thou fear?

The tempest hath no power when I am near;

Will not the angry waves be still at My command?

Step out, I'll hold thy hand,

Then, wherefore dost thou fear?


O thou of little faith, why dost thou doubt?

Doth not Mine Angel compass thee about?

Are not My Father's promises as sure to thee

As they have proved to Me?

 Then, wherefore dost thou doubt?


O thou of little faith, what dost thou dread?

Are not the lilies clothed, the sparrows fed?

Heed not the world, nor marvel that it hateth thee,

For so it hated Me,—

What, therefore, dost thou dread?


O thou of little faith, why dost thou shrink?

Why dost thou tremble at the river's brink?

Oh, hark! Above its tumult sweetly sounds My


Thou art not far from home!

Then, wherefore wouldst thou shrink?"


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