My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous—1 John 2: 1.


If we find that through lack of faith or weakness of the flesh a wrong step has been taken, contrary to the Lord's will and our best spiritual interests, no time should be lost in retracing the steps and in calling upon the Lord. We have an altar consecrated with the precious blood of Christ, far superior in every way to that which Abraham consecrated with the blood of typical animals; and the Apostle exhorts us, "Let us therefore come boldly [courageously, full of faith]  unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need" (Heb. 4: 16).


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It is not right for the child of God to sin; but if he does, on repentance he can depend on the efficient advocacy of Jesus Christ, the Righteous One. As a skillful lawyer says every good thing in favor of his client, and puts the evil in the best possible light, so Jesus our Advocate covers over all our blemishes with His merit, and being in favor with the Court of Heaven, successfully advocates the cause of us, His clients.


Parallel passages: John 16: 7; Rom. 3: 20-26; 4: 24, 25; 8: 34; 10: 4; 1Cor. 1: 30; 2Cor. 5: 18; Phil. 3: 9; Heb. 7: 25; 9: 24; 1John 1: 7; 2: 2; 4: 10.


Questions: What experiences of the week have sent me to the Advocate? What was the effect?




WITH me there walks a presence

Unseen to mortal view;

Hearing each word I utter,

Looking at all I do.

Watching to see what power

The Truth to my life imparts,

Longing to see His image

Growing within my heart.

Oh! does my conduct please Him?

Can He my words approve?

Or do I daily grieve Him

By woeful lack of love?

How all my heart is yearning

More like my Lord to be;

 Oh! Friend, of unseen presence,

Help me to grow like Thee!


Before me goes my Captain;

Close must I follow on.

Even as He proved a victor,

So must I overcome.

Self rises up against me,

Fierce must the conflict be;

Forces of evil try me,

Satan opposes me.

My Captain commands me, saying,

"Comrade, you must not yield;

Gird on the Heavenly armor;

The Sword of the Spirit wield;

None but the overcomer Shareth

My Heavenly home!"

Help me, oh, Mighty Captain,

Ever to overcome!


Beside me stands the Master;

Points to the ripening grains,

Bids me thrust in the sickle,

Reaping what yet remains.

He will accept no idler,

I must work faithfully;

I must pass on to others

Truth that was given me;

Tell of the Heavenly Kingdom,

The blessings that are for all;

Praising the Heavenly Father,

Sounding the Heavenly call.

As each night comes upon me,

Can I rejoicing say,

"Dear Reaper, I've been faithful

To all I have met today?"


Close by me stands my Helper,

Knowing I must be tried;

Even as gold in a furnace,

I must be purified.

Trials alone bring patience,

Hate must be met by love;

Faith is wrought out in darkness

Reaching to things above.

Ah! Could I only trust Him,

 His presence and power to aid,

Even 'mid deepest shadows

I would not be afraid.

Though the four winds be loosened,

And tempests around me roared,

I'd welcome the glorious privilege

Of dying with my dear Lord.


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