Brethren, let every man, wherein he is called, therein abide with God—1 Cor. 7: 24.


Duties may at times seem to conflict, but they do not really do so. A Christian's first duty is his hearty acknowledgment of his Creator and Lord, in all his ways. His second duty, if he be a husband and father, is toward his wife and children; or if she be a wife and mother, it is toward her husband and children. The  marriage contract, by Divine arrangement, comes in as a first mortgage upon every husband's time and upon every wife's time—the demands of this mortgage must be reasonably met before anything can be properly done to or for outsiders.


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The spirit of the age is restlessness. Almost everyone is seeking some change in life. Contentment should so mark the Christian's character, amid the prevalent discontent, as to move him to be satisfied where he is and with what he has, and therein should he remain until the Lord indicates the necessity of a change. Faith in God will insure this spirit.


Parallel passages: 1Cor. 7: 20; Luke 3: 12-14; Eph. 6: 5-8; Gen. 2: 15; Prov. 10: 4, 5; 12: 11, 24; 13: 4, 11; 14: 23; 20: 13; 22: 29; 31: 27; Eccles. 9: 10; 11: 6; Rom. 12: 11; Eph. 4: 28; 1Thes. 4: 11, 12; 2Thes. 3: 10-12.


Questions: What have I done as to remaining in my calling this week? What hindered or helped? What resulted therefrom?




I ASKED the Lord to let me do

Some mighty work for Him;

To fight amid His battle hosts,

Then sing the victor's hymn.

I longed my ardent love to show,

But Jesus would not have it so.


He placed me in a quiet home

Whose life was calm and still,

And gave me little things to do,

My daily round to fill;

I could not think it good to be

Just put aside so silently.


Small duties gathered round my way,

 They seemed of earth alone;

I, who had longed for conquests bright

To lay before His throne,

Had common things to do and bear,

To watch and strive with daily care.


So then I thought my prayer unheard,

And asked the Lord once more

That He would give me work for Him

And open wide the door—

Forgetting that my Master knew

Just what was best for me to do.


Then quietly the answer came:

"My child, I hear thy cry;

Think not that mighty deeds alone

Will bring thee victory.

The battle has been planned by Me,

Let daily life thy conquests see."


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