He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels—Rev. 3: 5.


The faithful overcomers watch and keep their garments unspotted from the world. … "They have not defiled their garments," they have "kept their garments unspotted from the world." They have not been willing to permit sin to contaminate them and to separate them from the Lord, but have quickly applied for and obtained the precious blood to remove every stain. They are so heartily opposed to sin and so earnest about the keeping of this garment unspotted that the Adversary gets no hold upon them—"the wicked one catcheth them not." All this indicates a full submission of their wills to the will of Christ—they are "dead with him," and hence could not willingly practice sin.


*          *          *


The overcomer will attain to the highest acquisition, a pure character, and such a character inscribed in the covenant through fulfillment of its obligations will never be blotted out. On the contrary, it will be praised by the Son before the Father and the holy angels. It will be the equipment for the honor, work and rewards in the Kingdom. It will last forever, even as the Psalmist says, "Your heart shall live forever!".


Parallel passages: 1Kings 19: 18; Ezek. 9: 4; Eph. 5: 25-27; Rev. 19: 8; Psa. 45: 14; Matt. 7: 21; Rev. 12: 11; Neh. 13: 14; Ex. 32: 32, 33; Psa. 69: 28; Rev. 21: 27; 13: 8;  17: 8; Phil. 4: 3; Matt. 10: 32; Luke 12: 8; Matt. 25: 21.


Questions: What have been this week's experiences and hopes in line with this text? In what did they result?




ASCEND, beloved, to His joy;

Thy festal day hath come;

Tonight the Lamb doth feast His own,

Tonight He with His Bride sits down,

Tonight puts on the spousal crown,

In the great upper room.


Ascend, beloved, to thy Love;

This is the day of days;

Tonight the bridal song is sung,

Tonight ten thousand harps are strung,

 In sympathy with heart and tongue,

Unto the Lamb's high praise.


The festal lamps are lighting now,

In the great marriage hall;

By angel bands the board is spread,

By angel hands the sacred bread

Is on the golden table laid;

The King His own doth call.


Long, long deferred, now comes at last,

The Lamb's glad wedding day;

The guests are gathering at the feast,

The seats in heavenly order placed,

The royal throne above the rest—

How bright the whole array!


Sorrow and sighing are no more;

The weeping hours are past;

Tonight the waiting will be done,

Tonight the wedding robe is on;

The glory and the joy begun,

The hour hath come at last.


Within the hall is heav'nly light;

Around, above, is love;

We enter to go out no more;

We raise the song unsung before;

We doff the sackcloth that we wore,

For all is joy and love.


Ascend, beloved, share His life;

Our days of death are o'er;

Mortalilty hath done its worst,

The fetters of the tomb are burst,

The last hath now become the first,

Forever, evermore.


Ascend, beloved, to the feast,

Make haste, the day hath come;

Thrice blest are they the Lamb doth call

To share the heavenly festival

In the new Salem's palace hall,

Our everlasting home.


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