The fear [reverence] of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom—Psa. 111: 10.


This is the only proper attitude of the creature toward the Creator, the Author of our being, and the Creator, Preserver and Lord of the whole universe. When He speaks, therefore, our ears should be reverently attentive to His voice, and every power alert to do His bidding. Our safety, our happiness, and that nobility of character which prompts to love and gratitude, and which promptly and wisely heeds instruction and advances in knowledge and wisdom, all depend primarily upon our supreme reverence for the Lord. And therefore the Lord would foster and cultivate in us that becoming filial reverence that is due to His name.


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Wisdom not only includes knowledge but also the practical application of knowledge to good purposes. The highest and the best things are those that concern man in his proper relationship toward God and his fellow-men. How evident it is, therefore, that the source of wisdom is reverence for God, since it enables one to come into a proper relationship to God and man and realize its calls.


Parallel passages: Deut. 4: 6; 5: 29; 6: 2; 10: 12; Job 28: 28; Psa. 111: 1-9; 25: 8-14; Prov. 1: 7-9, 21-23; 2: 1-11; Eccles. 8: 12; Zeph. 3: 7; Mal. 3: 16; Matt. 11: 25-30; Luke 1: 49, 50; John 14: 15-17; Acts 10: 35.


Questions: Did I reverence God this week? What helped or hindered therein? Did I receive good from the experience?




I CANNOT always see the way that leads

To heights above;

I sometimes quite forget He leads me on

With hand of love.

But yet I realize the path must lead me to

Immanuel's land,

And when I reach life's summit, I shall know

And understand.


I cannot always trace the onward course

My bark must take;

But looking backward, I behold afar

Its shining wake

 Illumined with God's Light of Love, and so

I onward go

In perfect trust that He who holds the helm

The course must know.


I cannot always see the plan on which

He builds my life;

For oft the sound of hammer, blow on blow,

The noise of strife,

Confuse me till I quite forget He knows

And oversees,

And that in all details with His great plan

My life agrees.


I cannot always understand

The Master's rule;

I cannot always do the tasks He gives

In Life's hard school;

But I am learning with His help to solve

Them one by one;

And when I cannot understand, to say,

"Thy will be done."


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