So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom—Psa.  90: 12.


The Christian, in numbering his days, does not do so with a doleful or disconsolate sentiment, although he does so with sobriety. He counts the days as they go as so many blessings, so many privileges, so many opportunities to "show forth the praises of him who hath called us out of darkness into his marvelous light," to render assistance to others in the pilgrim journey, and to develop in himself more and more of the character pleasing in the sight of God—to become more and more a copy of God's dear Son.


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The Restitution class under an experience with righteousness will pray that they may be enabled so to study their lives under the experience with evil as to learn  the hatefulness of sin and the lovableness of righteousness—the fear of the Lord as the beginning of wisdom. This prayer will be answered by the Lord in a way that will prove to their eternal good in truth and righteousness.


Parallel passages: Job 12: 2, 3, 7-13, 16, 17, 22; 28: 12-28; 32: 9;  Psa. 107: 43; 111: 10;  Prov. 1: 5, 7, 20—2: 20; 3: 13-26, 34, 35; 4: 4-22; 8: 1-9; 16: 16, 20-24;  1Cor. 1:  24, 30;  Jas. 1: 5.


Questions: What experiences of this week especially inculcated wisdom? How did I act amid them? What were their effects?




WE should fill the hours with the sweetest things,

If we had but a day;

We should drink alone at the purest springs

On our upward way;

We should love with a lifetime's love in an hour,

If the hours were few;

We should sleep, not for dreams, but for fresher power,

To be and to do.


We should hold our wearied or wayward wills

To the clearest light;

We should keep our eyes on the heavenly hills,

If they lay in sight;

 We should hush our murmurs of discontent

At a life's defeat;

We should take whatever a good God sent

With a rest complete.


We should waste no moment in weak regret,

If the days were but one,

If what we remember and what we forget

Went out with the sun;

We should be from our clamorous selves set free,

To work and to pray;

To be what the Father would have us be,

If we had but a day.


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