If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed—John 8: 36.


The true disciples, heeding the Word of the Great Teacher, and continuing in all things to be His pupils, are not only set free from superstitions and ignorance but also from the service of sin, and receive instead a correct appreciation of their own natural weaknesses and blemishes, and of the Divine mind—the Truth. In consequence, their freedom is one which blesses instead of injuring them; one which brings humility instead of pride and boastfulness; one which brings patience instead of anger; one which brings generosity and benevolence instead of spitefulness and selfishness; one which brings joy and peace instead of discontent and bitterness of spirit. Truly, the Son alone can make us free indeed.


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The Son of God is the great Emancipator. He frees the most pitiable kind of slaves from the most oppressive kind of bondage (Satan's) at the hands of the most cruel kind of taskmasters (sin, error, selfishness, worldliness, death and hell). He gives them the best kind of glorious liberty, that of willing the will of God, exercised from the purest motives—faith, hope, love and obedience—unto life everlasting, and all this as a gift of His love, made possible by the most unique sacrifice and ministry recorded in the annals of the world's history.


Parallel passages: Isa. 49: 24-26; 61: 1-3; 63: 4; Luke 4: 18; John 8: 31-35; Rom. 7: 22, 23; 8: 2; 2Cor. 3: 17; Gal. 3: 28; 5: 1; Col. 3: 11; 1John 1: 7-9; Rev. 1: 5; 5: 9.


Questions: What have been this week's experiences in Christian freedom? How were they met? In what did they result?




A LITTLE talk with Jesus,—

How it smoothes the rugged road!

How it seems to help me onward,

When I faint beneath my load!

When my heart is crushed with sorrow,

And mine eyes with tears are dim,

There is naught can yield me comfort

Like a little talk with Him.


I tell Him I am weary,

And I fain would be at rest;

But I still will wait His bidding,

 For His way is always best.

Then His promise ever cheers me

'Mid all the cares of life:—

"I am come, and soon in glory

Will end thy toil and strife."


Ah, that is what I'm wanting,

His lovely face to see—

And I'm not afraid to say it,

I know He's wanting me.

He gave His life a ransom

To make me all His own,

And He'll ne'er forget His promise

To me, His purchased one.


The way is sometimes weary

To yonder nearing clime, But

a little talk with Jesus

Hath helped me many a time.

The more I come to know Him,

And all His grace explore,

It sets me ever longing

To know Him more and more.


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