To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth—John 18: 37.


It was our Lord's faithfulness to the Truth that brought upon Him the opposition of those who were blinded by the Adversary. It was His witness to the Truth that cost Him His life, and it was the giving of His life in defense of the Truth that constituted the redemption price. Similarly all of the Lord's followers are to bear witness to the Truth—the truth in respect to God's character and Plan. It is such witness to the Truth that is to cost all the true followers of Jesus their lives in presenting themselves living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God through Christ Jesus. Let each one who hopes to be a sharer with the Prince of Life in the Kingdom witness to the Truth—a good confession respecting the Kingdom, its foundation and ultimate superstructure in glory.


*          *          *


Our Lord had a specific mission in this world. It was to be a witness to the truth, not in all its domains, but in its religious aspects, and faithfully did He carry out the mission entrusted to Him by the Father. He used every opportunity, whether in season or out of season, to carry His mission forward. Neither fear of opposition nor desire for favor could tempt Him from His course of faithfulness.


Parallel passages: Isa. 55: 4; 1Tim. 6: 13; Rev. 1: 5; 3: 14; Rom. 15: 8-12; Matt. 7: 21-23; 10: 32, 33; John 1: 15-18; 9: 22-38; 12: 42, 43; Rom. 10: 8-10.


Questions: Have I this week witnessed to the Truth? How? Why? With what results?




Matt. 7: 14.


"DEAR Lord, the way seems very dark,

I cannot see."

"Yes, child, I know, but I will be thy Light—

Come, follow Me!"


"Dear Lord, so lonely is this way—

Where are my friends?"

"My child, dost thou forget how far from Me

Their pathway tends?"


"Dear Master, I am growing weak,

 I scarce can stand."

"O, foolish child, trust not in thine own strength,

Come, take My hand;


"For I have trod this way before,

So dark to thee.

I know each step, its weariness and pain,

Wilt trust in Me?"


"Yea, Lord, though friendless, lonely, dark,

This way may be,

I will be strong. Beloved Guide, lead on,

I follow Thee!"


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