The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much—Jas. 5: 16.


Communion with the Lord in prayer brings increased confidence in the Lord's supervision of our affairs; increased faith in all the exceeding great and precious promises of His Word; increased realization of His leadings, past and present; increased love for all the brethren of Christ; and increased solicitude for their welfare and spiritual progress. Prayer is thus closely and actively identified with progress in spiritual things, progress in the fruits of the Spirit, toward God, the brethren and all men.


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A righteous man is one who is both justified and consecrated. As such he has access in Christ by one Spirit unto the Father, fully assured that his prayers offered up in the name and merit of Christ will be answered. Accordingly his prayers are effectual in securing the Divine response. So also are his prayers fervent, flowing as they do from ardent desires for things that will glorify God in Christ.


Parallel passages: Deut. 9: 18-20; Josh. 10: 12; 1Sam. 12: 18; 2Kings 20: 2-5; Psa. 10: 17; 34: 15; 145: 18; Prov. 15: 29; 28: 9; John 9: 31; 1John 3: 22.


Questions: For what did I effectually pray this week? How did I overcome hindrances thereto?




SINCE the Father's arm sustains thee,

Peaceful be;

When a chastening hand restrains thee,

It is He.

Know His love in full completeness

Fills the measure of thy weakness;

If He wounds thy spirit sore,

Trust Him more.


Without measure, uncomplaining,

In His hand

Lay whatever things thou canst not


Though the world thy folly spurneth,

From thy faith in pity turneth,

Peace thine inmost soul shall fill,

 Lying still.


Like an infant, if thou thinkest

Thou canst stand,

Child-like, proudly pushing back

The proffered hand,

Courage soon is changed to fear,

Strength doth feebleness appear;

In His love if thou abide,

He will guide.


Therefore, whatso'er betideth,

Night or day,

Know His love for thee provideth

Good alway.

Crown of sorrow gladly take,

Grateful wear it for His sake,

Sweetly bending to His will,

Lying still.


To His own the Savior giveth

Daily strength;

To each troubled soul that striveth,

Peace at length.

Weakest lambs have largest share

Of this tender Shepherd's care.

Ask Him not, then, When? or How?

Only bow!


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