I have set the LORD always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved—Psa. 16: 8.


He who has buried his own will completely in the will of the Lord can know no disappointment; but in every affair of his life he sees by faith Divine appointment or supervision, and hears the Word of the Lord in all of life's affairs assuring him, "All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." It is one of the evidences of reaching the graduating condition of heart, when we are able to take the oppositions of the great Adversary and of the world and of our own flesh patiently, uncomplainingly, unmurmuringly, "joyfully"—as a part of the disciplinary experience meted out to us by our all-wise and all-loving Lord.


*          *          *


God's people place God first in all the affairs of life. When their interests conflict with the Lord's, they sacrifice their own desires on behalf of the Lord. He is, therefore, the goal of all their endeavors. He is their chief favorite. He also loves them above all others. He is on their side and will in nowise permit them to fall from their steadfastness and standing before him.


Parallel passages: Ex. 15: 2; Deut. 10: 12; 13: 3; Psa. 37: 4; 45: 10; 66: 8, 9; 73: 25, 26; 91: 14; Isa. 12: 2; 33: 22; Dan. 3: 17; Mark 12: 29-33; Rom. 8: 35-39; Jude 24.


Questions: How have I set God first in this week's experiences? How did this keep me standing?




THE boisterous waves with awful roar

A little boat assailed,

And pallid fear's distracting power

O'er all on board prevailed.


Save one, the captain's darling child,

Who steadfast viewed the storm;

And, cheerful, with composure smiled

At danger's threatening form.


"Do you feel safe," a seaman cried,

"While terrors overwhelm?"

"Why should I fear?" the boy replied—

 "My father's at the helm."


So when our worldly all is reft,

Our earthly helpers gone,

We still have one true anchor left—

God helps, and He alone.


He to our prayers will bend an ear,

He gives our pains relief;

He turns to smiles each trembling tear,

To joy each torturing grief.


Then turn to Him 'mid sorrows wild,

When want and woes o'erwhelm,

Remembering, like the fearless child,

Our Father's at the helm!


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