Every man's work shall be made manifest; for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire—1 Cor. 3: 13.


The Apostle speaks of this time of fiery trial, and, likening the faith and works of a zealous Christian to a house built of gold, silver and precious stones, he declares that the fire of this day, in the end of this Age, shall try every man's work of what sort it is, and shall consume all but genuine faith and character structures. But we are to remember that such loyal characters grow not suddenly, in a few hours or days—mushroom-like—but are progressive developments, fine-grained and strong like the olive tree.


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The text refers to the consecrated only. Its day in a general way includes the Gospel Age, but particularly refers to its close—now here. At this time the Lord has been pleased to permit fiery trials to come upon all His people. Among these are losses, disappointments, delays, restraints, shelvings, ours and others' faults, chastisements, hardships, necessities, oppositions, contradictions, weariness, sickness, pain, sorrow, persecution, error and temptations. These will infallibly reveal whether one is wholly, partly or not at all the Lord's. Happy are we, if we have as our work the "gold and silver" of Divine Truth and the "precious stones" of a Christlike character, which stand the tests.


Parallel passages: Eccles. 12: 14; Mal. 3: 2, 3; Matt. 7: 22-27; 12: 36, 37; Mark 4:  22; Luke 2: 35; 12: 2, 3; 1Cor. 3: 12, 14, 15; 4: 5; 1Pet. 1: 7; 4: 12.


Questions: What special trial did I have this week? Did it manifest gold, silver and precious stones, or wood, hay and stubble? How was I exercised thereby?




TEMPTED and tried, oh! the terrible tide

May be raging and deep, may be wrathful and wide;

Yet its fury is vain for the Lord will sustain,

And forever and ever Jehovah shall reign.

Tempted and tried, yet the Lord at thy side

Will guide thee, and keep thee, tho' tempted and tried.

Tempted and tried, there is One at thy side

And never in vain shall God's children confide.

He will save and defend, for He loves to the end,

Adorable Master, and glorious Friend.

Tempted and tried, whatever betide,


In His secret pavilion His children shall hide.

'Neath the shadowing wing of eternity's King,

His children may trust, yea, His children may sing.

Tempted and tried, yet the Lord will abide,

Thy faithful Redeemer, and keeper, and guide,

Thy shield and thy sword, thine exceeding reward;

Then enough for the servant to be as his Lord.

Tempted and tried, the Savior who died

Hath called thee to suffer—then reign by His side.

If His cross thou wilt bear, His crown thou shalt wear,

And forever and ever His glory shalt share.


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