Light [Truth] is sown for the righteous, and gladness [the joys of the Truth] for the upright in heart—Psa. 97: 11.


The true children of God love the Truth because they have an affinity for it. … When they have found the Truth they recognize its value; they prize it, and meditate upon it. … They say, It is just like God: it is the manifestation of His glorious goodness, the reflection of His loving, benevolent, wise and just character. And therefore they love the Truth and the God who gave it; they treasure it up in their hearts and con it over again and again; and as they look into it, and admire all its symmetry and beauty, they strive more and more to conform their own characters to the same lines of beauty and seek to commend it by word and conduct to others, that they also may be blessed by it.


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As the natural light makes the way clear to the natural eye, so Truth makes plain the way to our eyes of understanding. It is God's provision to open the eyes of understanding of those only whose hearts are in sympathy with righteous principles. To others the Truth would be an injury. The Truth is a blessing to the righteous, and they are a blessing through it, hence its blessings fill their hearts with joy.


Parallel passages: Dan. 2: 28; Amos 3: 7; Rom. 16: 25, 26; John 15: 15; Psa. 29: 9, 11; Prov. 3: 32; Matt.11: 25; 24: 45-47; Luke 8: 10; 12: 42-44; Rev. 19: 9, 10; 22: 8, 9, 16.


Questions: What conditions did I fulfill to receive the Truth? What has helped or hindered therein?




SINCE the Father's arm sustains thee,

Peaceful be;

When a chastening hand restrains thee,

It is He.

Know His love in full completeness

Fills the measure of thy weakness;

If He wounds thy spirit sore,

Trust Him more.


Without measure, uncomplaining,

In His hand

Lay whatever things thou canst not



Though the world thy folly spurneth,

From thy faith in pity turneth,

Peace thine inmost soul shall fill,

Lying still.


Like an infant, if thou thinkest

Thou canst stand,

Child-like, proudly pushing back

The proffered hand,

Courage soon is changed to fear,

Strength doth feebleness appear;

In His love if thou abide,

He will guide.


Therefore, whatso'er betideth,

Night or day,

Know His love for thee provideth

Good alway.

Crown of sorrow gladly take,

Grateful wear it for His sake,

Sweetly bending to His will,

Lying still.


To His own the Savior giveth

Daily strength;

To each troubled soul that striveth,

Peace at length.

Weakest lambs have largest share

Of this tender Shepherd's care.

Ask Him not, then, When? or How?

Only bow!


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