Learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart—Matt. 11: 29.


Truly, in a meek and quiet spirit is the secret of rest. To be meek is to cultivate the graces of patience, of loving submission to the will of God, of abiding confidence in His love and care and in the wisdom of His guiding counsel and overruling providences, and persistently to pursue this course through evil and through good report, or through favorable or unfavorable circumstances. Let the beloved children of God seek more and more to copy Christ's meek and quiet spirit, accepting the providences of God and obeying His precepts and leading, as He did, armed with the strength which He alone can supply, and will, to those who take His yoke upon them, and learn of Him.


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When our Lord said that He was meek, He meant that He was submissive in heart and mind and therefore teachable and tractable. When He said that He was lowly in heart, He meant that He had a proper self-estimate. These two qualities He commends to us for our imitation. If they adorned His character, how much more are they fitting for us who are by nature weak and out of the Way! From Him we can learn these graces.


Parallel passages: Matt. 7: 29; 22: 16; 23: 8; John 3: 2; 13: 15; Zech. 9: 9; Isa. 50: 5, 6; 53: 7; Matt. 26: 49-53; 2Cor. 10: 1; Matt. 9: 10; Luke 22: 27; Acts 8: 32, 33; Phil. 2: 5-8.


Questions: Have I this week learned of Christ in meekness and humility? How? Why?

Under what circumstances? With what results?




THERE is never a day so dreary,

But God can make it bright;

And unto the soul that trusts Him,

He giveth songs in the night.


There is never a path so hidden,

But God will show us the way,

If we seek for the Spirit's guidance,

And patiently wait and pray.


There is never a cross so heavy,

But the loving hands are there,

Outstretched in tender compassion,

The burden to help us bear.


There is never a heart that is broken,

But the loving Christ can heal;

For the heart that was pierced on Calvary,

Doth still for His people feel.


There is never a life so darkened,

So hopeless and so unblest,

But may be filled with the light of God,

And enter His promised rest.


There is never a sin nor a sorrow,

There is never a care nor a loss,

But that we may carry to Jesus,

And leave at the foot of the cross.


What more can we ask than He's promised?

(And we know that His Word cannot fail,)

Our refuge when storms are impending,

Our help when temptations assail.


Our Savior, our Friend and Redeemer,

Our portion on earth and in Heaven;

For He who withheld not His own Son,

Hath with Him all things freely given.


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