If children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also gloried together—Rom. 8: 17.


Reading the Father's plans for ourselves, in the light of His will exemplified in His dealings with our Master, we may settle it at once that it is not His will to keep us from all pain and trial and sufferings, and to carry us triumphantly to glory on flowery beds of ease. Quite the reverse, indeed, must be our course, if we would follow in the footsteps of Him whom God set forth to be, not only a satisfaction for the sins of the whole world but also a pattern to all of Christ's disciples. And this much learned of God's Plan and will promptly teaches us that we must not expect and should not ask freedom from pain and trouble, which His wisdom has ordained to be the path to glory.


*          *          *


We are God's children, who have His Spirit, and we may therefore anticipate an exceedingly great inheritance. Our inheritance under Christ, the Chief Heir, will be undivided throughout all eternity. Who then will be accounted fit to enter into this inheritance? Only those whose devotion to the Father, the Son and the Truth (for the brethren and the world of mankind) prompts them in the Spirit of God to suffer with Christ, will be accounted worthy of this great inheritance.


Parallel passages: Heb. 2: 10; 2Tim. 2: 10-13; Col. 3: 4; 1Pet. 5: 10; 2Thes. 2: 14; Rom. 8: 18; 9: 23; 2Cor. 4: 16-18; Isa. 60: 14-22; 1Cor. 15: 41-57; Phil. 3: 21.


Questions: Have I this week amid suffering with Christ hoped for the Kingdom? How did it affect my spirit?




SOME day, some glad, sweet day

We shall be like our blessed Lord

And see Him as He is.

Soon we shall strain our

Weary eyes no more

To catch, beyond this earthly

House of fettering clay,

A gleam of heavenly glory

From His radiant face.


Some day, some fair, sweet day

His loving hand will wipe

 Away our tears. His tender

Voice will thrill our souls

With rapture, when we

Hear Him say, "Well done,

Dear heart, well done,

My joy is thine; for thee

The victor's crown is won.


"Thou hast been faithful,

Thou hast borne the cross,

The thorns have pierced thy feet;

But now the Night is past—

The Day hath come—bright,

Glorious Day of endless joy and love,

The trial time hath proved thee true,

And thou art safe, beloved,

In thy Father's home."


O, glorious Day, for thee we long!

We will be faithful, will the

Burdens bear, sustained by grace Divine.

In meek submission to Thy holy will,

Dear Lord, by faith we clasp Thy hand

As side by side we tread the Narrow Way

And wait—for it will surely come—

Some day, some dear, sweet day,

O, tarry not too long!


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