Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus—Heb. 3: 1.


It is God's will that every member of the "body of Christ" would be touched with a feeling of the world's infirmities, in order that, when exalted to the Kingdom, they would be very tender, sympathetic and generous, when, as  the Royal Priesthood, they shall judge the world. Our Lord and Master, who had none of  the imperfections of the fallen race, but was holy, harmless and separate from sinners, needed to take from men their sicknesses and infirmities in order that He might be touched with a feeling of our infirmities and be a faithful High Priest. It would be thoroughly illogical to suppose that the lessons necessary to the preparation of the High Priest for His office and service were not necessary to the Underpriests, called to suffer with Him and to reign with Him.


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The brethren are holy because consecrated to the Lord. They are partakers of God's calling, because, having been invited by the Father, they have accepted the call and received the holy Spirit. One of their most profitable activities is a contemplation of Christ as the One sent by the Father and the High Priest of the Priestly order. This enables them to follow in His footsteps.


Parallel passages: Isa. 53; John 19: 5; Phil. 2: 5-11; 3: 14; 2Tim. 1: 9; 2Pet. 1: 10;

Heb. 2: 9, 17, 18; 4: 14; 5: 5; 6: 20; 8: 1; 9: 11; 10: 21; 12: 2, 3; 1Pet. 2: 21.


Questions: What has considering Jesus done for me? How can I improve therein?




LET Him teach thee, weary soul; (Psa. 27: 11.)

Let His hands now make thee whole; (Job 5: 18.)

Let His peace thy heart control,—(Col. 3: 15.)

Let Him teach thee.


Into paths of righteousness (Psa. 23: 3.)

Let Him lead and let Him bless; (Psa. 67: 7.)

Let Him save thee from distress,—(Psa. 107: 13.)

Let Him teach thee.


Let Him guide thee with His eye: (Psa. 32: 8.)

Let His hand thy need supply; (Phil. 4: 19.)

Let His goodness satisfy,—(Psa. 65: 4.)

 Let Him teach thee.


Let His good Word sanctify; (Jno. 17: 17.)

Let the furnace purify; (1 Peter 1: 7.)

Let Him say, "Fear not; 'tis I,"—(Mark 6: 50.)

Let Him teach thee.


Let Him probe thy heart within; (Psa. 66: 10.)

Let Him search out every sin; (Psa. 139: 23.)

Let the glorious light shine in,—(2 Cor. 4: 6.)

Let Him teach thee.


Let the Shepherd kindly feed;

Let Him firmly, truly lead; (Isa. 40: 11.)

(He'll not break the bruised reed,) (Isa. 42: 3.)

Let Him teach thee.


Let Him give thee songs at night; (Job 35: 10.)

Let Him make the darkness light; (Isa. 42: 16.)

Let Him set thy spirit right,—(Psa. 51: 10.)

Let Him teach thee.


In the tumult let Him hide, (Psa. 27: 5; 31: 20.)

Let Him keep thee at His side; (Ex. 33: 21.)

Let His name be glorified—(Isa. 61.3.)

Let Him teach thee.


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