In the time of harvest, I will say to the reapers … gather the wheat into my barn

Matt. 13: 30.


The time is short; the harvest work is great; the laborers are few; our time is consecrated; we must labor while it is called day, knowing that a night cometh wherein no man can work. We have consecrated our lives even unto death; we are commissioned of the great Lord of the harvest to seek for the true "wheat," and to gather it into the barn. What time have we for frivolities or worldliness or the many social amenities? Rather, we must content ourselves with giving very little attention to these things, and must press along the line, engaging heartily in the work given us to do, if we would have the approval of our Master, His "Well done, good and faithful servant".


*          *          *


In the Harvest time the fruitage of all previous Gospel-Age work was gathered. Those who were privileged to reap that Harvest entered into the labors of all God's servants from the beginning of the Gospel Age. With confidence and joy God's servants garnered what was reaped and what others had sown; and both sowers and reapers rejoice together at the Harvest Home.


Parallel passages: Psa. 50: 5; Isa. 52: 7; Mal. 3: 17; Matt. 3: 11, 12; Luke 3: 17; John 4: 34-38; Rev. 7: 1-4; 14: 14-16; Matt. 13: 41-43; 1Cor. 15: 42-58.


Questions: Have I this week spread God's Word? How? Why? With what results?




UP, up, my soul, the long-spent time redeeming;

Sow thou the seeds of better deed and thought;

Light other lamps, while yet the light is beaming;

The time, the time is short.


Think of the eyes that often weep in sadness,

Seeing not the truth that God to thee hath taught;

O bear to them this light and joy and gladness;

The time, the time is short.


Think of the feet that stray from misdirection,

And into snares of error's doctrine brought:

Bear then to them these tidings of salvation;

The time, the time is short.



The time is short. Then be thy heart a brother's

To every heart that needs thy help in aught.

How much they need the sympathy of others!

The time, the time is short.


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