In Thee, O LORD, do I put my trust—Psa. 31: 1.


There is nothing that puts the Christian at greater disadvantage in the presence of his foes than for him to let go, even temporarily, his grip upon the anchor of faith. Let him do so for a moment, and of necessity darkness begins to gather round him; he cannot see the brightness of his Father's face, for "without faith it is impossible to please God"; and while he grapples again for the anchor, the powers of darkness fiercely assail him with doubts and fears, based generally upon his human imperfections, which he should ever bear in mind are covered by the robe  of Christ's righteousness. If we would have the peace of God reign in our hearts, we must never let go our anchor, "nor suffer Satan's deadliest strife to beat  our courage down." The language of our hearts should always be, "Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him".


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The Christian's trust is not in self, nor in the arm of flesh; rather his heart rests in Jehovah; and what rest can be more secure than that experienced on the bosom of Jehovah, the self-existent, eternal, immortal, independent and unlimited One! The promise and oath of such a one are worthy of all trust. Our anchor finds in Him its rest— in His person, character, Plan and works.


Parallel passages: 1Chron. 5: 20; 2Chron. 14: 11; 20: 12; Job 13: 15, 16; Psa. 18:  30; 22: 4, 5; 27: 1; 31: 6, 14, 15; 34: 1-12; 118: 5-9; Prov. 3: 5; Isa. 26: 3; Dan. 3: 17; Mic. 7: 7; Hab. 3: 19; Rom. 4; 2 Tim. 1: 12; Heb. 11.


Questions: Wherein did I trust God this week? What helped or hindered therein? What were the results?




O BLESSED peace of a perfect trust,

My loving God, in Thee;

Unwavering faith, that never doubts

Thou choosest best for me.


Best, though my plans be all upset;

Best, though the way be rough;

Best, though mine earthly store be scant;

In Thee I have enough.


Best, though my health and strength be gone,

 Though weary days be mine,

Shut out from much that others have;

Not my will, Lord, but Thine!


And e'en though disappointments come,

They, too, are best for me,

To wean me from a clam'ring world,

And lead me nearer Thee.


O blessed peace of a perfect trust

That looks away from all;

That sees Thy hand in everything,

In great events or small;


That hears Thy voice—a Father's voice—

Directing for the best:—

O blessed peace of a perfect trust,

A heart with Thee at rest!


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