As many, therefore, as are perfect, should be of this mind; and if in anything you think differently, God will also reveal this to you. But to what we have attained, let us walk by the same line—Phil. 3: 15, 16, Diaglott.


It is indispensable to those who have reached the mark of perfect love that they shall keep actively engaged in the service of the Lord, laying down their lives for the brethren. Such must stand, not only as representatives of God and of the principles of righteousness, but as representatives of those strong in the Lord and the power of His might, and in the faith of His Word—ready and willing and efficient in the encouragement of other runners in the race-course—that they likewise may attain to the "mark".


*          *          *


The character attainments of the past are the basis for the development of the present, and the promise for the future. The faithful use of what we have already attained will result in further growth. This is the heart's sentiment of those whose hearts are thoroughly fixed in God, and whatever they lack, whether it be of service, knowledge or grace,  such a disposition on their part will be recognized by God as meet for further blessing of growth in service, knowledge and grace, which in due time He will bestow.


Parallel passages: Job 1: 1; Psa. 37: 37; Matt. 5: 48; 19: 21; 1Cor. 2: 6; 14: 20; 2Cor. 13: 11; Eph. 4: 11-13; Col. 4: 12; Heb. 5: 14; 1Pet. 5: 10; Gal. 5: 10; Rom. 12: 16; 15:  5; Phil. 2: 2; 4: 2; Gal. 6: 16.


Questions: Have I this week striven to practice the suggestions of this text? With what results?




PROV. 22: 6


I TOOK a piece of plastic clay

And idly fashioned it one day;

And as my fingers pressed it still

It bent and yielded to my will.

I came again when days were past,

The bit of clay was hard at last;

My early impress still it bore

And I could change its form no more.


I took a piece of living clay

 And gently formed it day by day;

Molding with parental art

A young boy's soft and yielding heart.

In time his tender years were gone,

It was a man I looked upon;

My early impress still he bore

And I could change him nevermore!


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