The just shall live by faith—Heb. 10: 38.


It is not enough that, by faith, we receive the first impulse of life, but, having passed from death unto life, by the same means, we must continue to receive and appropriate spiritual nourishment, that we may grow thereby; we must walk by faith, following the leading of the holy Spirit through the Word of Truth. The life of faith is an individual matter, as well of the heart as of the head. It is far more than an acceptance of doctrines which we consider Scriptural and therefore true; it is the assimilation of that which we have proved to be the Truth, so that its principles become our principles, and its promises our inspiration.


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Mankind's efforts under the fallen condition to gain everlasting life by works have proven disastrous. The sacrifice of Christ has made it possible that a righteousness apart from the law might be given all who exercise faith therein. Whoever, therefore, accepts Christ as his Savior, gains reckoned eternal life through faith, and thus the just shall live—gain everlasting life reckonedly through faith. The consecrated also live by faith in that theirs is a life of faith as distinct from living by sight. And, finally, actual eternal life is gained on all planes of being by faithfulness. Thus in three senses the just shall live by faith.


Parallel passages: Hab. 2: 4; John 3: 15, 16, 36; 5: 24; 6: 40; Rom. 1: 17; 3: 19—5: 1; 10: 4; Gal. 2: 16-21; 3: 5-13, 21-26; Eph. 2: 8-10; Phil. 3: 9; Heb. 11: 3-39; Jas. 2: 17-26.


Questions: Have I this week lived by faith? What helped or hindered therein? What were the results?




WHEN the stormy winds are blowing,

And the angry billows roll,

When the mighty waves of trouble

Surge around thy stricken soul,

Have faith in God,

Who reigns above;

Yea, trust in Him,

For He is love.


When the way is rough and thorny,

Danger all along the path,

When the foe is ever planning

 How to crush thee in his wrath,

Have faith in God;

His loving care

Shall keep thee safe

From every snare.


When thine eyes are dim with weeping,

And thy heart is full of woe

For the loved that now are sleeping

In the silent grave so low,

Have faith in God;

The dead shall rise

And meet the Savior

From the skies.


Art thou filled with eager longing

For the night to pass away?

Art thou weary of the watching

For the dawning of the day?

Have faith in God;

He is our stay;

Soon, soon will come

The perfect day.


Art thou hoping, waiting, praying,

For the presence of the Lord?

Art thou waiting for the Kingdom,

And the glorious reward?

Have faith in God;

Our King is here,

And soon His glory

Will appear.


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