We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. … And we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren—1 John 3: 14, 16.


One of the final and most searching tests of these "brethren," and the one under which probably the most of those once awakened and armed will fall, will be love for the brethren. Seemingly many will fail at this point and be therefore accounted unworthy of an abundant entrance to the Kingdom on this score. Should any be specially weak and liable to stumble, the true soldier of the cross will not despise him, nor revile him, even as the Elder Brother, the Captain, would not do so. On the contrary, he will be the more watchful and helpful toward the weaker, even though he most enjoy himself in the company of the stronger—Z '99, 88 (R 2450).


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One of the evidences of our justification and of Spirit-infilling is love for the brethren, disciples of Christ Jesus. He who has this quality in the self-denying measure that thankfully and appreciatively lays down life for the brethren, because of his relation to them in Christ, may rest assured of his possession of the Spirit. We who have been received into the Divine family owe it to the Lord that we lay down our lives for the brethren. This is a debt that the covenant under which we are requires us to discharge— P '33, 46.


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Hymns: 299, 208, 165, 166, 167, 22, 170.

Poems of Dawn, 38: Lord, Here I Bring Myself.

Tower Reading: Z '13, 339 (R 5346).


Questions: Have I this week loved and served the brethren? How? Why? With what results?




LORD, here I bring myself,

'Tis all I have to give,

My heart's desire is wholly this,

Henceforth for Thee to live;


To own no will but Thine,

To suffer loss or shame,

All things to bear, if only I

May glorify Thy name;


Henceforth mine every power

 Each day for thee to use,

My hands, my feet, my lips, mine all,

As Thou, my Lord, shalt choose.


Dear Lord, my constant prayer

Is for increase of grace,

That I by faith may walk with Thee,

Till I behold Thy face.


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