Gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ—1 Pet. 1: 13.


Having "girded up the loins of your mind" for a long, steady and determined effort, "be sober"; do not allow yourself to become excited and, under the spur of excitement, to exhaust all your spiritual vitality in a very short time, and then to suffer a relapse into coldness or discouragement. Strive thoughtfully to consider and prepare for a long and patient endurance of all the discipline and trial of faith and patience necessary to prove an overcomer and worthy of the blessed reward promised "to him that overcometh." The race before us is not one to be run by fits and starts, but by "patient continuance in well doing".


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The Christian should ever stand with his knowledge so arranged as to be ready for service. Not impulsiveness but sober thoughtfulness should characterize his mental habits. With such a disposition the earnest hope for the glorious prize offered, which he will receive during our Lord's Second Advent, will be a constant inspiration to do, to be and to endure for the glory of the Lord.


Parallel passages: Luke 12: 34, 35; Rom. 13: 13; Eph. 6: 14; 1Thes. 5: 6, 8; 1Pet. 4: 7; 5: 8; 1Cor. 1: 7; Phil. 3: 20; Titus 2: 13; Heb. 6: 18, 19; 2Pet. 3: 12.


Questions: Have I, or have I not, this week been sober-minded, ready for service and full of the blessed hope? How did this affect me?




FARTHER on—beyond the shadows

Falling darkly o'er my way,

There is home, and rest and shelter,

Where no storms can e'er dismay.


Though the way be rough and narrow,

And a cross must needs be borne,

Farther on—the night is waning

Soon will dawn the welcome morn.


Meekly to His will submitting,

In His love secure and strong,

Jesus whispers, "Bide the shadows,

It is better farther on."


Farther on—O blest assurance!

How it thrills my raptured heart,

Just to know that I shall see Him

When the shadows all depart.


Let me still be strong and patient,

Trusting where I cannot trace,

Farther on—beyond all darkness

Faith can see God's smiling face.


Only waiting, ever praying,

Let my heart be filled with song.

Sweet the promise Jesus gives me,

"It is better farther on."


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