Ye endured a great fight of afflictions, partly whilst ye were made a gazingstock, both by reproaches and afflictions, and partly whilst ye became the companions  of them that were so used—Heb. 10: 32, 33.


The strongest of the brethren need the help, the encouragement, the assistance of others. The Lord has so arranged it that we may not feel ourselves entirely self- sufficient, and that even our proper leaning upon the Lord shall seem to require also the co-operation, encouragement, sympathy and love of the fellow-laborers in the vineyard. Who that has borne any measure of the labor and heat of the day in the gospel service cannot sympathize with this thought? Here, then, is a way in which many of the Lord's dear people, who have not themselves the largest amount of talent or opportunity for service, may be co-laborers and assistants in the gospel work—Z '03, 40 (R 3143).


*          *          *


The Lord's people may suffer for the Truth in two ways: their advocating it prominently will draw down upon them a deluge of reproaches and a multitude of afflictions from those who hate the Truth. Others, standing by their more prominent brethren who are so used, will bring upon themselves persecution in various ways. All persecution willingly endured for the sake of the Lord is precious in His sight—Z '33, 46.


Parallel passages: Gal. 3: 4; 2 John 8; 2Cor. 4: 8-18; Phil. 1: 29, 30; Col. 2: 1; Psa. 71: 7; Acts 16: 22-31; 17: 5-9; 1Cor. 4: 9; Heb. 11: 36; Phil. 1: 7; 4: 14; 1Thes. 2: 14.


Hymns: 134, 168, 200, 302, 305, 307, 312.

Poems of Dawn, 176: Sometimes I Almost Wonder.

Tower Reading: Z '12, 275 (R 5090).


Questions: Have I this week been persecuted, and have I companioned with those who suffered for righteousness? How? Why? With what results?




SOMETIMES I almost wonder if my Lord doth

really know

About the many little things that wound my poor

heart so.

I can but wonder if He knows the anguish of my


When tempests beat upon my head, and surging

billows roll;

I wonder if He hears at night my weary, longing


I wonder if He sees the tears that tremble in mine


 I wonder if my burdens weigh upon His tender


And in my many sorrows, if His great love shares a part!


*   *   *

Ah! no, I will not wonder, I will silence every


I've read that "in His bottle He doth treasure up

each tear;"

I know that He who heeds the smallest sparrow when

it falls,

Will surely, surely hearken when His own child

feebly calls;

I know that He who stilled the waves on Galilee's

dark sea,

Will bid the storms of life, "Be still," that rudely

threaten me.

Ah! no, I do not wonder, I am sure my Lord doth


About the many, many things that wound my poor

heart so!


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