I pray for them … that they all may be one … that they may be made perfect in   one

… that the world may know that thou hast … loved them as thou hast loved me—John 17: 20-23.


In amazement we inquire, How can this be? Our Lord Jesus was  always in perfect harmony with the Father—a Son who gloriously reflected His likeness; but it has not been so with us; we were sinners and had nothing worthy of love. Yes, but we have been washed and cleansed, and, however imperfect our earthen vessels may still be, our hearts are perfect in His sight who is able to read the heart. And, as He sees us with a perfect heart—a perfect purpose and intention—striving to overcome the weaknesses and disabilities of our imperfect flesh, and with painful, yet determined, effort to do His will, and humbly trusting in the provisions which He has made for our redemption from the fall, God recognizes in us that which is worthy of His love.


*          *          *


Blessed thought! The Lord's people enjoy the intercession of Christ, who prays the Father to perfect each one in the knowledge and faith of the Son of God as fellow disciples of Jesus Christ; nor need this cause wonder, since their completeness in oneness must precede their bringing the world to faith, by which the world will recognize that the Father loves them as His true people with the same kind of love as that which He bestowed upon Jesus.


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Questions: What experiences of this week showed the truth of this text? How? What were the results?




GOD knows—not I—the devious way

Wherein my faltering feet must tread,

Before into the light of day

My steps from out this gloom are led.

And since my Lord the path doth see,

What matter if 'tis hid from me?


God knows—not I—how sweet accord

Shall grow at length from out this clash

 Of earthly discords which have jarred

On soul and sense; I hear the crash,

et feel and know that on His ear

Breaks harmony—full, deep and clear.


God knows—not I—why, when I'd fain

Have walked in pastures green and fair,

The path He pointed me hath lain

Through rocky deserts bleak and bare.

I blindly trust—since 'tis His will—

This way lies safety, that way ill.


His perfect plan I may not grasp,

Yet I can trust Love Infinite,

And with my feeble fingers clasp

The hand which leads me into light.

My soul upon His errand goes—

The end I know not—but God knows.


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