Whatsoever things are just … think on these things—Phil. 4: 8.


We are not to allow our minds to run along lines that would be unjust; and we are to learn to apply this test of justice to every thought and word and act of ours, while learning at the same time to view the conduct of others from a different standpoint, so far as reason will permit, from the standpoint of mercy, forgiveness, pity, helpfulness. But we cannot be too careful how we criticize every thought we entertain, every plan we mature, that the lines of justice shall in no sense of the word be infringed by us with our heart's approval.


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Justice is the good will that we owe out of thankfulness for the good done us; and in order to its development in our characters a consideration of our obligation to God and man in all the affairs of our lives must be kept in the heart; and such thoughtfulness on the things that are just will develop justice, the foundation of Christian character, as it is the foundation of God's character and God's Throne.


Parallel passages: Ex. 23: 1-3, 6-8; Lev. 19: 13-15; Ezra 7: 26; Psa. 82: 2-4; 89: 14; Prov. 17: 15; Eccles. 3: 16, 17; Isa. 1: 17; 59: 14; Zech. 8: 16; Matt. 5: 23, 24; John 7: 24.


Questions: Have I this week thought on things just or not? How? Why? With what results?




NUMBERS 6: 24.


THE Lord bless thee!

How shall He bless thee?

With the gladness that knoweth no decay;

With the riches that cannot pass away;

With the sunshine that makes an endless day—

Thus may He bless thee!


And keep thee!

How shall He keep thee?

With the all-covering shadow of His wings;

With the strong love that guards from evil things;

With the sure power that safe to glory brings—

Thus may He keep thee!


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