Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness—2 Pet. 3: 11.


Godlikeness certainly cannot include any harmful gossip, any unclean or unholy conversation, any disloyal or rebellious words. Let such things be put far away from all who name the name of Christ in sincerity and truth. And let us remember daily to settle our accounts with the Lord, to make sure that no record of idle words, unrepented of, and consequently unforgiven, stands against us. If daily we render up our accounts to God and seek His grace for greater overcoming power with each succeeding day, we shall be acquitted in judgment and stand approved before God through Christ, having the testimony of His holy Spirit with our spirits that we are pleasing and acceptable to Him.


*          *          *


The consideration of the dissolution of the present evil order of affairs, to be followed by a good order of affairs, constitutes a powerful appeal for holy and just living—for just living, that we may not be involved in this dissolution; for holy living, that we may be a part of the new order of affairs, for which our justice and love will make us fit as administrators of blessings to mankind.


Parallel passages: Psa. 46: 2-9; Isa. 2: 19, 21; Jer. 25: 31-38; Dan. 12: 1; Matt. 24:  35; 2Pet. 3: 7, 10, 12; Rev. 6: 14-17; 20: 11; 21: 1; Heb. 12: 28; 1Pet. 1: 15; 2Pet. 3: 14; Phil. 2: 15.


Questions: What have been this week's experiences as to this text? How were they met? What were their results?




LAY down your rails, ye nations, near and far,

Yoke your full trains to steam's triumphal car;

Link town to town, unit in iron bands

The long-estranged and oft-embattled lands.

Peace, mild-eyed seraph knowledge, light Divine,

Shall send their messengers by every line.

Men joined in amity shall wonder long

That hate had power to lead their fathers wrong;

Or that false glory lured their hearts astray,

And made it virtuous and sublime to slay.

How grandly now these wonders of our day

Make preparation for Christ's royal way,

 And with what joyous hope our souls

Do watch the ball of progress as it rolls,

Knowing that all, completed or begun,

Is but the dawning that precedes the sun!


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