Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses—1 Tim. 6: 12.


Whether our warfare be of the more public kind or of the more private sort, there must be warfare; and, more than this, there must be progress and victory, else we can never be accepted of the Lord as "overcomers." Another thought should be borne in mind by us all. The Lord in making His estimate will take knowledge of the spirit which actuated us, rather than of the results secured by our efforts. In view of this, let us see to it, not only that we do with our might what our hands find to do, but also that our every sacrifice and gift to the Lord and His cause is so full of love and devotion that the Lord will surely approve it, as done from love for Him and His, and not from vainglory.


*          *          *


The Lord's people are called upon to stand on God's side in battling for righteousness. A strong love for the prize of God's calling will be an efficient help by way of stimulating hope and courage in this good fight of faith; and having publicly taken their stand on God's side in this warfare, let them bring no shame upon the cause of God and Christ by cowardice in ignoble flight from, or surrender to, the enemy.


Parallel passages: 1Tim. 1: 18; Eph. 6: 12; 2Tim. 2: 5; 4: 7; Phil. 3: 12-14; 1Tim. 6: 19; Matt. 7: 21-23; 10: 32, 33; John 9: 22-28; Rom. 2: 7; 10: 9, 10; 1John 4: 15.


Questions: Have I this week fought to win eternal life in harmony with my profession?

Why? How? With what effects?




YOU'RE growing old? Your task is done?

And now you rest with setting sun,

Lamenting that your work is o'er,

That you can't labor any more?


Ah, weary not to do God's will!

Go, labor on, your task fulfill.

You'll always have the Master's care—

The oldest trees some fruit must bear;


For age has labors none the less

Than youth, though in another dress.

As evening twilight fades away

 New glories shine, not seen by day.


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