I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound—Phil. 4: 11, 12.


If we find our experiences in life very checkered, we may conclude that the Lord sees that we need both the heights and depths of prosperity and adversity to properly instruct us and qualify us for the position He designs for us in the future. Let us, then, as the Apostle did, learn how to abound, not allowing the abundance of earthly good things to swerve us from our consecration vows; and let us learn also how to be in want (need) and yet not to want anything beyond what the Lord's wisdom and providence see best to give—to be content.


*          *          *


To be contented under all circumstances is a glorious achievement, and is an ideal toward which the Lord's people should constantly strive. Few indeed are they, who can suffer abasement contentedly, still fewer are they who can receive success contentedly. It is only through many experiences of abasement and exaltation that we learn to receive all things contentedly.


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Questions: What have been this week's experiences as to this text? In what did they result?




THE boisterous waves with awful roar

A little boat assailed,

And pallid fear's distracting power

O'er all on board prevailed.


Save one, the captain's darling child,

Who steadfast viewed the storm;

And, cheerful, with composure smiled

At danger's threatening form.


"Do you feel safe," a seaman cried,

"While terrors overwhelm?"

"Why should I fear?" the boy replied—

"My father's at the helm."



So when our worldly all is reft,

Our earthly helpers gone,

We still have one true anchor left—

God helps, and He alone.


He to our prayers will bend an ear,

He gives our pains relief;

He turns to smiles each trembling tear,

To joy each torturing grief.


Then turn to Him 'mid sorrows wild,

When want and woes o'erwhelm,

Remembering, like the fearless child,

Our Father's at the helm!


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