MAY 28


Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body [so long as we feel entirely contented with present conditions—ourselves and our surroundings], we are absent from the Lord—2 Cor. 5: 6.


If we were living near to Him "walking with God," we would not feel perfectly satisfied with present attainments, conditions, etc., but would feel like pilgrims and strangers, seeking a better rest, a better home, "which God hath in reservation for them that love him." But this, as the Apostle explains (v.7), is true only of those who walk by faith and not by sight. "But we are confident [full of faith toward God, we rejoice to walk by faith], and are well pleased rather to be from home [homeless, pilgrims and strangers in this world], and to be at home with the Lord" "in the spirit of our fellowship".


*          *          *


Confidence, the full assurance of faith, is the privilege of God's people, based upon the word and oath of the all-wise, just, loving and powerful Jehovah. His Plan and our experience in connection with that plan, so far as unfolded, fully corroborate His word and His oath. Under all circumstances of our pilgrimage to our home, we may enjoy this confidence, as we see all things working together for our good. This keeps us  from feeling absent from the Lord in the spirit of our minds.


Parallel passages: Matt. 6: 25-34; 10: 39; 16: 26; 18: 1-4; 24: 38, 39; Luke 8: 14; 12: 19; 14: 17-24; 21: 34; John 12: 43; 15: 19; 1Cor. 7: 29-31; 15: 32; Phil. 3: 18, 19; Col. 3: 2; Jas. 4: 4; 1Pet. 1: 14, 24; 2: 11.


Questions: What have been this week's experiences in line with this text? How were they undergone? In what did they result?




BE still, and murmur not, poor heart,

When God shall lead thee to a "desert place,"

And bid thee dwell apart;

If ravens in the wilderness

Did feed the servant of the Lord, will

He For thee, His child, do less?


Nor fear, sad heart, its loneliness,—

Hath He not said, "I never will forsake

Nor leave thee comfortless?"

Have faith, thy Master may design

 To fit thee thus for Kingdom work and bliss,—

And wilt thou then repine?


Be patient, let His will be done;

Be calm, be strong, that He may finish there

The work He hath begun.

"A little while," He soon will come,

And say to thee, "It is enough, my child,

My faithful one, come home!"


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