As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God—Rom. 8: 14.


This, then, is the guide by which we may know our true position, not only at the beginning of the race, but to the end of it, namely, if we are led by the Spirit of God—if that is the direction in which we are following, if that is what we are seeking—then we are sons of God; He owns and accepts all who have come unto Him through Christ, and who are trusting in the merit of the Lord Jesus and who continue in this attitude of heart.


*          *          *


By the Spirit of God here the disposition of God in His children is meant. His disposition blends wisdom, justice, love and power in perfect harmony. Those whose motives, thoughts, words and acts are actuated and sustained by this disposition, are sealed by God as His own. Therein they have the strongest possible witness of their sonship with God. What a noble family this is whose family sign and seal are God's character!.


Parallel passages: Ex. 33: 13, 14; Num. 9: 15-23; 2Chron. 5: 13, 14;  Psa. 5: 8; 23: 2, 3; 25: 5, 9; 32: 8; 143: 10; Prov. 8: 20, 21; Isa. 48: 17; John 16: 13; 1Cor. 3: 16; 6: 19; Gal. 4: 6.


Questions: Have I that witness of the Spirit contained in this verse? How did it manifest itself this week? What were its effects?




THE way is dark, my Father! Cloud on cloud

Is gathering thickly o'er my head, and loud

The thunders roar above me. See, I stand

Like one bewildered! Father, take my hand,

And through the gloom

Lead safely home

Thy child.


The way is long, my Father! And my soul

Longs for the rest and quiet of the goal;

While yet I journey through the weary land,

Keep me from wandering, Father, take my hand.

Quickly and straight

Lead to heaven's gate

Thy child.


The path is rough, my Father! Many a thorn

Hath pierced me; and my weary feet, all torn

And bleeding, mark the way. Yet Thy command

Bids me press forward. Father, take my hand.

Then, safe and blest,

Lead on to rest

Thy child.


The throng is great, my Father! Many a doubt

And fear, and danger, compass me about,

And foes oppress me so. I cannot stand

Or go alone. O Father! take my hand,

And through the throng

Lead safe along

Thy child.


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