Woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel—1 Cor. 9: 16.


We should be prompt to tell to others the best tidings we have; sympathy with the groaning creation in the various trials of life should lead us to point to the Lord's promises respecting the coming Kingdom and the blessings that should then be to all the families of the earth. Whoever does not thus proclaim daily, on every suitable opportunity, gives evidence either of lack of knowledge or of faith in the revelation or of selfishness, which the Lord cannot approve, and which, persisted in, will ultimately debar him from a share in the Kingdom.


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By the Gospel the good tidings of salvation in and by Jesus is meant. The highest privilege of any human being is to be invested with the office of preaching the Gospel; and those who have the spirit of this office fully are at heart in a woeful state when unable to carry out their mission. So thoroughly ingrained into their characters does the exercise of this office become that when deprived of it their hearts are unhappy.


Parallel passages: Psa. 40: 9, 10; Eccles. 11: 6; Mark 8: 38; 2Tim. 1: 8; Jer. 1: 17;  20: 7, 9; 23: 29; Amos 3: 8; 7: 15; John 18: 37; Acts 4: 20; 9: 6, 15; 26: 16-20; 1Cor. 1: 18; 15: 58; 2: 4; 15: 2; Col. 1: 5, 6; 4: 17; Rom. 1: 14-16; 1Thes. 1: 5; 2Tim. 4: 2; Heb. 4: 12.


Questions: Have I this week preached the Gospel? How? Why? What hindered or helped? What were the results?




IF while I walk the busy mart,

I find there one whose fainting heart

By some kind, sympathetic word

To new life might be stirred,

Lord, help me say it now!


Or, if upon the thorny road

I meet another 'neath a load

Of sorrow, which my tears might share,

And thus the burden bear,

Lord, help me shed them now!


If any ointment, rare and sweet,

 I long to pour upon "His feet,"

To rest and soothe them by the way,

My hand let nothing stay,

Lord, help me bring it now!


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